windows 7 crashing

  Hammersmith 14:55 10 Feb 2010

New computer, i5 4gb ram, 1 week old, windows 7 premium.
Keeps crashing to blue screen when using windows media player and ripping to NAS (where music is stored) or searching for an album.
Seems to really hate wmp for some reason.
Cant find any device or software conflicts. Upgraded patch cables to cat6 (uses gigabit)in case it was down to the computer being faster then the transfer and that was the cause.
As I use computer more I've noticed that the crash happens with some games now too (Supreme Commander after working fine for 5 minutes). One final thing, when ripping cd's to NAS a warning message saying NAS full comes up despite there being lots of space. When ignored, it then rips normally.
Is this a computer problem and I should send it back for a replacement or something simple I'm missing?
Any advice most welcome.

  gengiscant 15:08 10 Feb 2010

This may or maybe not related, I recently built a I PC and also had BSOD after BSOD, turned out incompatible ram, changed the ram,still it happened, I removed the ram and reseated it, not had a problem since.
If you purchased your PC you will not be able to open it without invalidating your warranty, but you might like to post your BSOD error messages or codes.

  Hammersmith 15:11 10 Feb 2010

Other then a message when ripping to say not enogh memory, there are no other error messages when crashing!

  Fingees 15:18 10 Feb 2010

Get in touch with the supplier that sold it to you, and let them know the problem.

They may offer advice, and confirm that you can open the computer without invalidating the warranty.

Most manufacturers no longer have such a restriction.

  gengiscant 15:25 10 Feb 2010

What does you event viewer say,or you could try this one click here
and post the error messages.

  Hammersmith 11:27 11 Feb 2010

Event viewer just refers to the incorrect shutdown. Never used this before so not too sure where to look.
I tried rebooting with F5 and checked the memory but no adverse reports.
My instinct is that either the computer is too fast for the software (I know it sounds daft!)or the programmes dont like working with 64bit rather then there being an intermittant fault with the hardware. Add an old version of MGI photoshop to the list of crashes.
Supplier helpdesk suggested a clean reinstall but that's such a royal pain so I only want to go that route as a last resport.

  gengiscant 12:27 11 Feb 2010

Here is another program, which should show the stop codes.
click here

  gengiscant 12:33 11 Feb 2010

Here is a better one for testing you memory.
click here but make sure you download the 3.4 release.

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