Windows 7 can't start up properly

  jez-vaughan 10:04 02 Dec 2016

Hi, my computer windows 7 can't start up. It's trying to start up from another disc or camera which isn't there. Can anyone help Thanks

  Govan1x 11:32 02 Dec 2016

Go into the Bios and make sure the hard drive is selected as first boot device. And of course common mistake make sure you have no dvd's in the CD drive.

  jez-vaughan 13:06 03 Dec 2016

Hi what BIOS Thanks yep no CD in drive.;-)

  BRYNIT 13:23 03 Dec 2016

Also check you do not have a USB HD/flash drive or memory card connected.

  jez-vaughan 13:38 03 Dec 2016

I have booted up from a windows7 repair disc but it wasn't able to fix it ( error 0x0 ) there was a message to say disconnect your camera or any other device from your machine, if this message appears again get in touch with your administrator. There is no other divice connected.

The only way I can start up is by letting it run with a blank screen and flashing cursor for about 5mins then shut it down by keeping my finger on the start button then quickly starting it up again. This sometimes works.

Sorry about about the last message "what is a bio's" that was my fiancee replying for me.

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