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Windows 7 built in Firewall settings?

  hiwatt 15:56 09 Mar 2015

Hi folks. I'm running windows 7 and using the built in firewall on default settings.I am not using a 3rd party firewall as I have read that windows 7 firewall is sufficient enough? I'm at the moment using Avira free and Malwarebytes pro real time protection.What I would like to know is if the Windows 7 firewall default settings are safe enough or if there are any changes that would make it more secure? Thanks folks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:24 09 Mar 2015

Windows firewall + the hardware firewall in your router abd common sense when browsing is sufficient.

However no firewall is going to stop nasties if given permission to download - this is why nasties often come packaged with legitimate software you want to download.

so care must be taken when installing any downloaded software

always select custom install and untick all the options to install any add ons like browser helpers etc. that try and install at the same time.

  hiwatt 16:49 09 Mar 2015

Thanks FruitBat,I always do a custom install. The reason I am asking this now is I have been seeing a message a couple of times regarding firewall settings(It's gone in seconds)I'll need to take note of exactly what it says next time.I have scanned with all my anti nasties programs and nothing has been found.Also I noticed my Virgin Media hub resetting itself,so I'm just trying to make sure everything is ok. I am a bit paranoid/extra careful when it comes to security though.

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