Windows 7 backup and hibernate

  stileguru 18:51 21 Jul 2014

Machine Dell XPS17 laptop. Win 7 64 bit. Approx 2 months ago, started finding windows backup no longer worked. It failed after approx 12% with message "cannot find specified file" Error 80070002. Also, hibernate no longer worked. Five seconds after hibernate activated, it returned to the desktop. The only thing I can think caused it was a disk cleanup routine done in early May.

Searching forums has failed to find a solution, until today. Found a thread suggesting I try assigning a drive letter to the recovery partition. Did this by assigning Z:, and it worked, much to my surprise. A concern I now have is, will this compromise any factory reset I attempt in future? Obviously it is now visible in windows explorer and vulnerable to accidental alteration. I'm also curious to know why assigning a drive letter to a previously hidden partition should solve the problems.

  john bunyan 20:12 21 Jul 2014

It would be better and safer to back up on another drive, such as a USB drive. Backing up on your own machine is not as safe. The recovery partition should not be used as it will fill to overflowing, which is why it is a "hidden" one.

  stileguru 23:53 21 Jul 2014

Sorry, maybe it wasn't clear. I'm not trying to use the recovery partition for backups. Dell's recovery files are on that, and I don't want to mess with those. In fact I always backup to an external USB hard drive as you suggest. The process of assigning a drive letter to the recovery partition and thereby unhiding it was the solution to the backup and hibernate problems I referred to. My concern was, I was not sure what effect this would have if I ever needed to recover my laptop to the factory presets, a process that would involve this partition. For example, would the recovery process no longer recognize the partition with its new drive letter assigned?

Also, I was asking if anyone out there knew why this worked. It seemed illogical to me that simply assigning a drive letter to a previously hidden recovery partition would eliminate the errors I was seeing.

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