Windows 7 account access issue 18:38 09 Nov 2015

Hello everyone, I start saying that I am still quite a lay in the IT world, but I was hoping someone could answer my question. Last week I broke the screen of my laptop. I thought of changing it myself but since I care a lot about this pc I decided to take it to a pc repair shop. They replaced the screen with a new one, but when I tried to access my windows account (still in the shop) it wouldn't let me in as it states that the password is incorrect. Now, I tried to access my account just before bringing the laptop to the shop to check that there were no issues with the hard disks (I've got a ssd for the programs and a normal hard disk for the data) and could log in without any problems. The IT technician couldn't provide any explanations and I am pretty sure that the OS cannot reset a password itself (I presume that if there was a problem with the hard disk, this would be rebooting, not accessing a single account). What do you think the cause could be? Has the technician done something wrong?? What should I do? Thank you in advance for any advice!

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