Windows 7; 7 minutes to load and 'go' after installation of BitDefender 2012

  Lascazerie 19:52 20 Dec 2011

We operate three machines, Desktop XP fully up-to-date, two laptops, working ok following install of BDefender 2012. The desktop, following a second go at installation of BD'r now takes 7 minutes to boot up and reach usable state. I have tried to roll back using System Restore, but it tells me it cannot be done - tried three different dates. I use IOBit 5, not achieved anything, and BD'r tune up, no result.

There was some kind of snag at the first installation, and given a slow boot up I uninstalled BD'r using the BD uninstaller and reistalled to reach the position described above.

Any offers, please. Is there a conflict twixt BD and IOBit? They worked together well for the last three years. Any offers will be appreciated, but I am not a confident expert, just been using the machines for 15 years and reading PCAdvisor.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 20 Dec 2011

Its not doing a boot scan is it?

  Lascazerie 20:30 21 Dec 2011

I must start by apologising, my Heading should have been XP slow boot up, not '7', it was a long day.

You could well be right, I don't know enough to check, although I have tried an internal search, finding nothing. Since reading your post I have followed advice in the BDefender help space, used Windows safe mode, uninstalled BD and now the machine runs like new. The BD uninstaller did not remove the desk top icons, but as they did not appear in the population list when I used the Windows uninstall programme I have simply deleted them. They showed 'empty' so I thought it safe to do that. I am stopping work now, and given that the BD2012 went well on two other machines, one Widows 7, the other XP, feel that I should try again, but the risk is that I get the same again. That is what happened after the first installation. Still, i know how to get rid of it again if history repeats itself, although I may seek advice from my local computer shop.

Thanks for your comment/suggestion. If you have the patience, could you tell me how I can check if Boot Scan is being done. I cannot find any reference to it in the BD files, but am not perfect, so it could be there, or somewhere in Windows ....

  Lascazerie 10:07 27 Dec 2011

Further to the above; I have now installed, uninstalled and reinstalled BD'r at least four times, always with the same result, a frozen or semifrozen PC. I have given up on the XP machines and written to Bitdefender explaining and await a reply. My plan is to keep it for Windows7 machine, ask for refund for the two XP's. I will let you all know.

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