Windows 7 (64) & CanoScan LiDE 80

  Brirev 15:04 14 Jan 2010

There doesn't seem to be a driver for my scanner now I've moved to Windows 7 (64bit)

Any idea what I might do?

I've noticed website advertising fixes for missing drivers but I can't help but feel a bit unsure about the reliability of these.

MANY thanks for any help with this!

  GaT7 15:13 14 Jan 2010

Select Windows 7 at click here - any good? If no, they may be working on drivers for Win7 64-bit.

MS Win7 compatibility site says that 64-bit is compatible click here. G

  Brirev 15:17 14 Jan 2010

There is a driver for Windows 7(32) but not for 64 bits.

  northumbria61 15:19 14 Jan 2010

Hi Brirev
You don't say how old your scanner is. If you have downloaded Virtual PC (XP Mode) you could and should get it to work from there either via the software disc you have or download from the Canon website. I have a Canon Canoscan 8600F which worked for me under those circumstances - which I now find works in Windows 7 (64bit) !!

Good luck.

  Brirev 15:19 14 Jan 2010

Excuse the multiple responses: I know that Windows says that it is compatible with 64 bits but I think they've got it wrong - at least according to the Canon site they have!

  john bunyan 15:20 14 Jan 2010

I have a Canon MP 640 and W7 64 bit.Had to download 64 bit drivers from Canon. I use Photoshop CS4 and in it's 64 bit version the scanner will not use the TWAIN interface, so I launch PS CS4 in 32 bit mode, do the scanning then process in CS4 64 bit. Adobe confirm that Twain is not supported in 64 bit - not sure about other applications. If I try to scan in 64 bit CS4 only the WIA scan interface is available.
What programme do you scan for?

  GaT7 15:26 14 Jan 2010

In that case you'll have to wait for them to make 64-bit drivers. It looks like they will at some point, as they've done it for the LiDE 60 model click here.

Possible workaround in the meantime click here. G

  jimv7 17:05 14 Jan 2010

It should work fine, I have the older CanoScan LiDE 70 installed on win 7 64 bit.

Right click on the install exe and choose compatability mode from the drop down menu.

  Swampy 17:38 14 Jan 2010

I have the LIDE 70 and contacted Canon. They advised downloading the Vista driver. I did and all is working fine with Windows 7 64bit. They are working on a new driver for Windows 7 apparently.
Hope this helps.

  fortygreen 18:36 31 Dec 2010

I've wasted many hours trawling for solutions to the LiDE 80/Windows 7 64-bit incompatibility, including trying drivers for other Canon scanners from the same era. Beleive me, nothing seems to work but the following! If your machine supports virtualisation (depends on the processor apparently, and you might need to edit settings in your BIOS) and if your version of Win7 entitles you to download XP mode, this seems to work perfectly. From within the XP mode desktop, I installed the Canon Toolbox and the ScanGear drivers, rebooted and all worked first time. I do most of my scanning to pdf, and this required me to install a second copy of Acrobat to the virtual machine. Hope this saves a few scanners from the landfill!

  iscanut 21:03 31 Dec 2010

I have Win7 Home Premium and use Lide 80 with 32 bit Vista drivers. Works fine. Let me know if you would like details. Sorry, just notices swampy's posting above !

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