Windows 7 64 BIT?

  Input Overload 19:12 20 Dec 2011

I'm thinking of finally going 64Bit, I shied away from this as there seemed to be a lack of drivers & software a year or ago but as that's all changed & 64Bit drivers are available for this reasonably recent DELL desk PC.

My question is - Will my Win7 serial code which was for the 32 Bit version work with 64?

I would assume the answer is no...

  john bunyan 19:23 20 Dec 2011

Have a read here. I would telephone Microsoft; I think you have to uninstall then reistall, but check with them.

  Input Overload 20:58 20 Dec 2011

Thanks for that! I assumed it would be a clean reinstall - I'm not that bothered about waiting for windows 8 & going 64Bit as I'm really pleased with 7. I'll give MS a ring & see what they say, in the past they have always been very helpful.

  lotvic 21:41 20 Dec 2011

"Will my Win7 serial code which was for the 32 Bit version work with 64?"


and if you want a copy with SP1 already on d/load the official .iso and burn to DVD from ClickHere scroll down to the English (USA) version and get the one with SP1 U (media refresh). You use your own Product Key to install.

  morddwyd 08:02 21 Dec 2011

Just as an aside, I think you are worrying unnecessarily about drivers.

I went from XP 32 straight to Win 7 64 as soon as the RC was available.

Apart from the odd "Do you want Windows to search for a suitable driver?", and not too many even of those, I've had no problems.

  sharpamat 08:18 21 Dec 2011

If your OS was preloaded with your purchase from Dell, it is an OEM version so would suggest you check with Dell

If it was a full version follow lotvic post which should accept the serial number you already have

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