Windows 7 on 512MB of ram

  stormrider123 17:28 02 Nov 2010

hi im planning on installing windows 7 on 512mb of ram just to test it out before i upgrade my ram to 2gb to use with windows 7
i was wondering if there is another way of installing windows 7 with 512mb of ram or is it just the same as a normal instalation

any help will be apreciated

  961 17:35 02 Nov 2010

Get the ram first. Assuming it's W7 32 bit you need 1gb, 64 bit 2gb min

  stormrider123 17:43 02 Nov 2010

ive got no porblems in getting the ram but the thing is if windows 7 cant support the programs i use and the hardware i use then theres no point uprading my ram because xp handles perfectly fine with 512mb of ram belive it or not ive ran so many high end games like gta iv call of duty and others on it perfectly without any lag with the game set to medium setings

  Thalmus 17:48 02 Nov 2010

click here

This will sort you out if any programs don;t run under Win 7

  stormrider123 17:51 02 Nov 2010

ok ill order the ram now

i have tried windows 7 before but not on my own pc thats why i wanted to test it but i guerss i can use windows xp mode for 7 if there are any probs

  Jwbjnwolf 19:35 02 Nov 2010

You will have to get win7 pro or ultimate, and considering that your pc is only 512mb ram I am guessing it is very old so you may not have the prossesors fit for xp mode,
my vista laptop which I upgraded to win7 pro as for the xp mode, I had a go at installing xp mode but it did not work because microsoft said that the prossesers were not up to the job
(my laptop is alot newer then yours by the sounds of it, my memory is 2gb, my prossesors are intel pentium dual core, and it is around 3yrs old just)
so by guessing that your pc is an old one it will not be able to get xp mode.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:42 02 Nov 2010

Pro or Ultimate editions of Windows 7 are not required in order to use compatibility mode, whichever version you need to go back to make a program run correctly.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:55 02 Nov 2010

i mean if you want xp mode, just letting stormrider123 know

  bremner 20:12 02 Nov 2010

XP Mode is available for all versions of W7 click here

  MAT ALAN 20:17 02 Nov 2010

click here

interesting read...

ecs: 900MHz 'Dothan' Celeron CPU, 512MB PC3200 RAM, 40GB hard drive (4,200 rpm), Intel 915GMS on-board graphics

Performance: "Windows 7 worked wonderfully on it, very smooth and fast. I ran Office 2007, SQL Management Studio and some administrative tools. The boot-up time was about 50 to 60 seconds, mostly because of the slow hard drive, but wake-up from hibernation worked fast (20 to 30 seconds). To my surprise, Aero worked pretty nice without causing slowdowns. No driver problems, no apps that didn't run."

text taken from link, sorta blows the minimum specs out the window...

  Thalmus 11:14 03 Nov 2010

Not true. XP mode is only available for professional, Ultimate and Enterprise Editions of Win 7

click here

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