Windows 7 and 3D

  tigertop2 20:35 31 Jan 2010

Has anyone tried setting up 3D on a Samsung 3D capable Monitor with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit or 32bit?

Just out of curiosity I tried the 'Nvidia test for 3D capability' on a Windows 7 64bit PC and then a W7 32bit. The monitors were 2D and I got the 'FAIL ' notice quite correctly on the Monitors and in one case on the GPU which was ATI and not Nvidia 8800GT or higher. That I expected. However the check also told me the OS was not compatible. Yet I am sure 3D does run on W7 when the correct GPu is installed and the Monitor is 120Hz. Or are there patches for Windows 7 to be downloaded from NVidia?

  ashdav 21:16 31 Jan 2010

3D only works in certain games.
click here to check out your drivers

  tigertop2 10:02 01 Feb 2010

Thanks , I suspected a driver issue and appreciate the link

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