Windows 7

  kimosabe 17:31 01 Nov 2010

having foolishly several months ago i downloaded a version of Windows 7 from a P2P site, i originally had Windows Vista.
now i am getting all sorts of message pop-ups stating version of Windows is not genuine,
other things are also happening to my PC.
i am wondering if i reset my PC back to factory settings, will doing this reinstate Vista.
Please Advise anyone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 01 Nov 2010

Yes it should do

  rdave13 17:54 01 Nov 2010

If you have the discs to restore to factory settings then it should wipe the harddrive and install Vista which was the original OS.

  kimosabe 20:30 01 Nov 2010

Thanks very much Fruit Bat and rdave 13 for responding.
currently backing up my files now before i reset.
thanks again

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