Windows 7?

  tobyjug2007 10:59 07 Apr 2010

I'm using XP at the moment, but have seen the Windows 7 OS on a friends so much looks very similar to Vista, which in my opinion was a massive flop to Microsoft...i dont want anything that remotely resembles vista, am i better sticking with XP for the time being untill all the glitches and bugs have been sorted out with Windows 7?

  mgmcc 11:04 07 Apr 2010

Windows 7 may have the appearance of Vista, but it is a dramatic improvement over the earlier OS.

I also believe Vista to have been a disaster, but "7" really is quite superb.

  tobyjug2007 11:16 07 Apr 2010

Thanks for the advice mgmcc, could you advise the amount of RAM needed for Windows 7, as i recall Vista was very RAM hungry?
Thanks in advance

  Strawballs 11:49 07 Apr 2010

Vista was recomended to have 2gig but 7 only 1gig but as with others the more you have (up to 4gig with 32bit) the better it will run

  john bunyan 12:02 07 Apr 2010

Like you I bypassed Vista. I switched from XP to a dual boot XP /W7 then to just W7. I increased my built in RAM to 4Gig, but probably ok on 2. Do download and run MS W7 compatability advisor with all your hardware switched on and it will tell you if all is well.I bought ATI 2010 and downloaded drivers for TV tuner etc to an external HD, and had all "My Documents" copied to the external HD. Now happily on W7 with no dual boot. I am not a gamer by the way!

  User-1229748 15:56 07 Apr 2010

i ended up using xp vista and now windows 7 but i used vista before xp and i actually liked vista.i would have to say though that i prefer windows 7 out of the 3. :o)

  ame 13:20 08 Apr 2010

I have Xp on my desktop and just replaced Vista with W7 32 bit on my son's 4Gb ram laptop. I had a lot of the Vista bells & whistles switched off to try and speed it up but it was still slow, whereas W7 seems faster without switching anything off. Whilst W7 has some very nice features, I'll still stick with XP on my desktop until I get rid of the pc or support stops, as the cost of W7 for the extra features is a bit steep, I reckon, even if you get the cheap ugrade for students. Or.....I'm just tight!

  ronalddonald 14:15 08 Apr 2010

The only time the cost of vista and windows 7 will go down, is when Microsoft build a new operating system

  Pineman100 19:00 09 Apr 2010

I used XP for many years. I bought a new computer with Vista last year, and - compared with XP - it was a dog.

I recently did a clean install of W7 and it's great. I love it. It's ironed out so many of the problems that Vista had, and - most important of all - it's much faster. I can't find any "bugs and glitches", so I really don't think you need to worry about those.

I still have a great affection for XP, but W7 is better - much better.

My only concern is whether your old XP computer will be sufficiently powerful to run W7 properly. Try the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see.

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  Proclaimer 22:55 09 Apr 2010

and I am also a die hard XP-Pro fan. Now I am a die hard Win 7 x64 fan

  john bunyan 10:53 10 Apr 2010


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