Windows onto a 486

  User-9753F7E2-19B6-4A1F-BE839BC0FC7E6CF3 09:53 08 Jan 2003

Is it possible to load Windows ME onto a 486 PC and if not why

  Mac & Beth 09:59 08 Jan 2003

Probably not.

1) The hard drive will probably not be big enough.

2) The memory will not be sufficient.

3) It will be exceedingly slow and torturous to run.

  Stokey 09:59 08 Jan 2003

Yes but Windows 95 would be about top weight for a 486 I think.

  Mac & Beth 10:00 08 Jan 2003

The basic System Requirements for Windows Me are:

28.8 Kbs modem or faster with current Internet connection
CD-ROM drive
Sound card
Speakers or headphones
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
VGA or higher resolution monitor
Pentium 150MHz processor or better
32MB of RAM or better
Minimum 320MB free hard-disk space

  hellred 10:01 08 Jan 2003

there is no reason why not. you need enough disk space and free ram to run it succsessfully. Does it have to be ME. Win 95 would be more suited to the task.

  Djohn 10:07 08 Jan 2003

I had win95 on a 486 With 32 meg of Ram and it did run fine, it will be a little on the slow side, but only if you compare it alongside a more modern PC. Regards, J.

  nyleridedog 12:27 08 Jan 2003

i tried to put me on a 486 and during the setup it determines what speed your processor is and if it is below 150 it will end the setup!
but you can load it by overideing the processor setup part by using a switch ie setup /j
you should be able to get a full list of the switches of the net someware!

  Weeby Vuit 12:33 08 Jan 2003

No it is not Posibble

  Peter 12:38 08 Jan 2003


I have Windows 95 OSR1 and MS Office `97 loaded onto a 66Mhz 486DX2. It has 40 Meg of memory and a 175 Meg hard drive. As Djohn says it a bit slow if compared alongside a more modern PC. I think Windows ME is a bit too ambitious.

It's viable, with Win95 OSR1, if you have all the hardware and software you need already to hand, but if you need to buy any extra memory or storage it soon becomes cheaper to buy a new £600 PC.


  LastChip 12:43 08 Jan 2003

will run fine on a 486.

Forget any subsequent versions!

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