Windows 3.1 and CD-rom

  Simac 21:07 08 Aug 2003

I have a friend who as an old system, running Windows 3.1, he wants to add a CD-ROM drive so that he can play games on it... I'm sure this can't be done (a)In the BIOS setup, it shows a bootup sequence offering him only the choice of ever C, or A and vice versa, meaning it will not accept a CD-ROM Drive unless I'm mistaken and (b)
Windows 3.1 plus the capabilities of is graphics card will not stand up to playing games on his PC, surely... any answer to this one???

  Dicmay 21:10 08 Aug 2003

Cant help on your first question but with regards to game playing I would say not. AFAIK Win3.1 was a 16bit OS and most moder programs need a 32-bit system to run on.

  Terrahawk 21:14 08 Aug 2003

you may be able to run a few old dos based games but anything up to date will be out as for cdrom it doesnt sound as though it will support one

  Simac 21:30 08 Aug 2003

Thanks for the advice I thought it impossible, dos based games yes but I don't think it would support a cd-rom like you mention, Terrahawk.

His BIOS setup just shows is bootup sequence to be C, A, this would not change if I add a CD-ROM
as slave I don't think??

  Valvegrid 21:31 08 Aug 2003

Yes you can fit a CDROM and use Win 3.1. The CDROM driver can be installed under DOS, but as dicmay says it's 16bit O/S so games are limited. Many years ago I use to run Flightsim 95 that run under DOS using the CDROM, some of the older games will run under DOS if you can get hold of them.


  Simac 22:17 08 Aug 2003

Apologies for not getting back on this one..As i have been around my friends trying to add the cd-rom to his system.. did not like it used the second connector on the data cable that is also attached to the hard disk, put the Cd-rom to slave and it did not like it at all nothing on boot up just a load of beeps and then nothing...

So how best would I go about it Valvegrid.. never used Win 3.1 before???
But sure it can't be done!!

  goonerbill 23:06 08 Aug 2003

yes you can install a cd-rom drive on a pc running win 3.1. if i remember, ya need to install mscdex or something along those lines (long time since i used win 3.1) its the drivers for cd-roms. maybe someone can correct me if i got it wrong.

as for todays games, ya be very lucky to get any of them to run in 3.1

  Kryten 23:21 08 Aug 2003

Goto click here and all the information you need is on the page There is also a download to create a disk to install the drivers for the CD-ROM. Most of the older games are in DOS and will not work in Windows 3.1 and will need to be run in DOS (Very few games were made to run in windows prior to Windows 95).

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