Windows 2K Logoff Problems

  BBez 22:47 01 Aug 2003

Hi, I use Windows 2000 Pro Service Pack 4 on my home machine. I have 2 user accounts (admin & a power user). If I logon as Administrator to perform Admin Tasks, when I select to "log off, shutdown or restart" the desktop goes dark then springs me back onto the desktop. Standby option works but locks PC and only "admin" can unlock it. The only way to logoff is by dumping power. On my "power user" account all options (log off, shutdown or restart) work fine. Thought it may be a virus but AVG found nothing and there is nothin on Windows Update. Anyone else heard of this problem? thanks in advance...

  Webmaster 01:49 02 Aug 2003

Sorry BBez, this may be too technical a reply [however your response to this could help other users of this forum to help you]: is there any possibility that you have somehow enabled group policy security features which come as part of W2k?

  BBez 02:02 02 Aug 2003

Webmaster, tnx for the reply. No group policy settings. Just not long formatted so OS is still running at default settings with the exception of an additional "power user" account.

Created this account to speed up the OS when doing non-admin tasks. This account is also my main logon account. I only use the Admin account when "run as" fails within my "power user" account or installing drivers.

When logged onto Admin, shutdown errors occur. Power user account works fine...

thanks in advance...

  BBez 22:23 02 Aug 2003


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