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Windows 2003 Server Major Problem

  recap 13:47 20 Jul 2007

Hi all,

We run a Dell PowerEdge 2600 server with Windows 2003 Server on.

All of a sudden I got a BSD stating there was a problem with the memory. I shut the system down and now I cannot get past the first DOS screen. No matter what I try - F2 setup, F10 Utility Mode, have place Server CD in but it will not get past the first DOS screen. There was an error report when I pressed F10 stating that keyboard stuck, but when I press any key I get a beep from the server.

I have tried several times unplugging it turning it off at the power button, but still it will not load.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.


  powerless 22:48 20 Jul 2007

Run it on minimum memory and swap the sticks about.

  recap 09:09 21 Jul 2007

Thanks for that Powerless, I tried with just one stick in and nothing at all came up and the screen. Swapped them around and the same happened.

  recap 13:13 23 Jul 2007

This morning I tried the Utility option from DOS. This took nearly 2 hours to start. Once the full extensive test had finished still nothing happend.

I decided to have a cuppa and another scratch of my head. When I got back to the server it was asking me to boot from CD, EH??? I had left the CD and floppy in the drives from the test. I took them out and low and behold the server booted up.

I then ran the Dell Open Mangers diagnostic test and the only thing that fails is the tape drive.

I will be installing a new tape drive and hope that solves the problem.

Thanks Powerless.


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