Windows 2000 To XP Upgrade

  busybaz 15:49 24 Jul 2008

Trying to install XP Pro [as Upgrade] on a W2000 desktop, getting message towards very end of installing system files;

"An error occurred copying file xxxxx.sys to C:\$WIN_NT$~BT\xxxxx.sys. The file is missing"

"Missing" files on install attempts to date have been aw65zejz.sys and aminuoud.sys.

CD not faulty [managed to do a New install on a freshly formatted hard drive, also copied full cd contents to a hard drive with no problems].

Yes, I know it seems a bit late in the day for this upgrade, but any ideas?


  MsTechie 20:10 24 Jul 2008

Yes I have an idea, back up all your important files etc and run a clean install of WinXP

  busybaz 12:46 25 Jul 2008

MsTechie, if you were serious, thanks for the response. If you weren't serious - Wow, great idea, never thought of that!!!!!!

I need to upgrade the friends PC to keep her settings. I believe I could have run a clean install on a fresh hard drive and then transferred settings across, but she does not have a spare drive [or partition].

Found a similar problem on MS Support which suggests disabling Autoexec.bat & Config.sys, but I believe this must have referred to upgrading from earlier versions of Windows. Windows 2000 purportedly does not use these files [they are on the C: drive but do not show in msconfig, something else that Windows 2000 doesn't have & had to be downloaded].

Can anyone suggest a solution that will allow the upgrade to be run?

  MsTechie 15:52 25 Jul 2008

Poor attempt at sarcasm sorry
To be honest I've come across this problem loads of times when upgrading - its been a few years now though, when upgrades to XP were more common - anyway I will reel off a load of solutions that I remember;
Disabling the Anti Virus before upgrade
Updating the BIOS
Memory problems, changed the RAM and it worked
CPU, installed a different one and it worked
Trying another CD ROM drive
Clear CMOS pins on the motherboard
All these have worked for me one time or another

I remember when the messages for missing files and error copying files appeared they were always random and hardly ever the same error message so I cant relate to your specific problem

  PalaeoBill 16:07 25 Jul 2008

It is often to do with the upgrade attempting to preserve drivers & dll's for existing applications/peripherals that turn out to be unsupported by XP. Side effects include XP attempting to resolve the issue by loading additional files (that are not on the CD).
MsTechie's solution (sarcasm aside) was the one I think most of us would recommend.
If you absolutely have to go down the upgrade route, I suggest you spend some time in 'Add Remove Programs' first and get rid of everything you possibly can (that can be reinstalled later), the same with peripheral drivers like video, sound, etc. (e.g. drop the display driver to standard VGA).

  Ditch999 19:57 25 Jul 2008

As per PalaeoBill.
I did this on 2 desktops and both were successful.
Go in to Device Manager and select the option to Show Hidden Devices when in W2K.
Then uninstall everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!
When thats done reboot and go in to the BIOS and set the 1st boot device as CD. Put the XP upgrade disc in the CD drive and reboot.
Follow the XP instructions to upgrade.
XP will either then install its own drivers for any hardware, or you will have to supply them or point XP to where they are stored on the hard drive.

  havencroft 20:24 25 Jul 2008

Use the files and settings wizard from a working xp set-up and save the results then do a clean xp install and reload from the files and settings wizard

  busybaz 14:49 28 Jul 2008

Thanks for the input, combination of MsTechie, PaleoBill & Ditch999.

Searched again for the xxxxx.sys files [no trace Google - what???!!!] but searched for text, not files, on guilty PC.
Reference to aw65zejz.sys was found in Dr Watson dump file, something about SCSI ROM drive. No SCSI drives present, but Daemon Tools was installed. Uninstalled Daemon and Upgrade went ahead with no problems.

Many thanks again, y'all, for the input.


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