Windows 2000 & XP network

  The Dazza 16:54 02 Jan 2005

How easy is it to connect Windows 2000 to Windows XP via a cross-over cable (so it's networked)?

  TECHNODIMWIT 16:57 02 Jan 2005

just use the small network wizard and let it sort themselves out.

  The Dazza 17:10 02 Jan 2005

On which PC do I run the network wizard,as I have tried doing this and it did'nt seem to work?

  stylehurst 17:19 02 Jan 2005

Watch the default workgroup name, it is different for the 2 operating systems.
Other than that point it works very well via the wizard

  freaky 19:20 02 Jan 2005

Did this last week, connected my old computer to a new one. But both comp's were using XP, not sure if it will work OK with two different operating systems though!

Anyway, you want to run the Network Wizard first on the computer that is actually connected to the Internet.

Also read very carefully the instructions namely:-

(1) Make sure both computers are connected together, and both are switched on.

(2)Make sure that the Master computer (one that has the actual connection to the Internet) is connected to the Internet when you run the Wizard.

(3) You will be asked for names for:-
Computer Description:
Computer Name:
Workgroup Name:

The above questions will also be asked when you run the Wizard on the 2nd Computer.

It is important that the 'Computer Description's' are different. 'Computer Names' are different. But the 'Workgroup Name' is the same.

Once you have run the Wizard on the 1st Comp, then you will have repeat exercise on the 2nd one.

I repeat, you must read the Wizard instructions carefully!!!

I set it up OK, and it works very well. But it will not work if the Host Computer (one that has the Internet connection) is not running, or is in 'Sleep/Hibernation mode.

If you get stuck, then please contact me by email if that is easier.

Good luck!

  The Dazza 21:09 02 Jan 2005

Tried running the wizards and it's not picking up my xp machines shared folder from the windows 2000 one. When I use "add network place wizard" and browse it's not picking up the xp computer. Both machines are turned on, connected by cross over lead and I have a shared folder on my xp machine but windows 2000 won't read it.

  freaky 09:51 03 Jan 2005

This could be due to the fact that the Master Comp has a different OPS than the Slave.

Is the shared Internet connection working OK?

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