Windows 2000 Wallpaper at login screen

  blackwhite 20:18 25 Jul 2003


Could you please tell me how to change the wallpaper during the login screen, the point where the user is typing in the username and password.

So as the user logs in the wallpaper changing according to the user's profile.

thank you
Upen Desai

  recap 20:39 25 Jul 2003

You should set up user Profiles. Create a shared folder with full privileges on your computer and call it "Profiles". Place the NTuser.dat file in the folder. Log on as a user and change the desktop settings, log out, log in as soembody else and do the same. Now log in as the first user and their desktop setting should be there. Note the desktop setting only appear after log in.

  blackwhite 21:07 25 Jul 2003


Thank you for the response, but I would like to know how to have a standard wallpaper during the login screen when the computer boots up. The point where no one has logged in.

Where the password dialog is sitting and there is a blue screen behind it. How do i change the blue screen.

thank you

Upen Desai

  recap 21:26 25 Jul 2003

I'm not sure you can change the blue screen behind the log in box, blackwhite, unless it's a C++ change or somewhere in the registry . The user can have a seperate wallpaper as described above. I'd be interested to see if it is possible because the blue screen is a bit boring.

  temp003 04:46 26 Jul 2003

Not sure one can do what you want in the 1st post. I can understand trying to change the background/wallpaper for the logon screen (but only a fixed one). It's a fixed one because, as you said, no one has logged in yet.

Once someone logs in, Windows desktop starts to load. From there, it's just setting the desktop wallpaper for the individual user.

Or am I missing something?

To do what you want in your 2nd post, i.e. change the blue background to something else, create a bitmap file and save it somewhere, use regedit to navigate to HKEY Users\ DEFAULT\ Control Panel\ Desktop, then find the key named "Wallpaper", and change the data value from "none" to the complete path to the location of the bitmap file, such as C:\WINNT\logonpic.bmp

  recap 20:30 26 Jul 2003

Thanks for the regedit solution,temp003. I'll give that one a go myself.

I do think blackwhite is wanting to change the wallpaper before a user has logged in to that users own profile.

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