Windows 2000 Serial Port

  doug_the_diamond 15:23 20 Feb 2005

Can anyone help please? I have a piece of equipment connected to com1 (only port) on W2K machine. Cannot access the info in it unless I either reinstall the driver for the port or disable & re-enable the port. Does anyone know a fix for this

  Diemmess 16:11 20 Feb 2005

To help me understand, - What is plugged in to Com 1, and are there any yellow "flags" in Device Manager?

  doug_the_diamond 16:27 20 Feb 2005

It is a cash register. Need to download data from it into the Stock Control Program in the PC. If I reload the driver for the comms port or disable and re-enable the port it works fine. In device manager there are no yellow or red marks.. Wouldn't mind doing this all the time, but there must be a way round it. Also, it can then be set up to do all the transfers overnight (hence the need to find a remedy)
Any help will be appreciated

  Diemmess 16:51 20 Feb 2005

I'm sorry, that this is totally outside my experience, but I do see your problem. Not so long ago COM1 was the home of the mouse, and all I remember from those days was that hot plugging or removing the mouse was NOT a good idea, it could kill the rodent.

Just guessing, but when the cash register is removed any "handshake" protocol is reset. Com 1 is a serial port and could be used in earlier days with "Laplink" to transfer data (albeit very slowly).... Still thrashing around for ideas - Perhaps the stock control software has some configuration setup which might overcome this.

  doug_the_diamond 16:56 20 Feb 2005

The till is never removed, it is cabled all the time. It is a problem specific to W2K though, as I borrowed a laptop with Xp on it and it worked fine. Tried another computer with W2K and the same result (nothing happening). Read somewhere that it is to do with 2000, but can't find a fix anywhere

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