Windows 2000 re- instal

  Newuser697 14:13 07 Mar 2006

At present I am running Windows 2000, but would like to re-instal onto a newly partitioned disk.
How do I wipe the disk clean, as "fdisk" and "format" are not recognised as valid commands in the Dos command prompt.

  howard63 15:01 07 Mar 2006

try downloading the ultimate boot disc using google this will clean your disk and allow fdisk to run from a start up disk.

  surfmonkey #:@} 15:01 07 Mar 2006
  yaesu 15:02 07 Mar 2006

Hi newuser 697, have a look here click here I had much the same problem a while ago. It worked for me.
Regards yaesu

  surfmonkey #:@} 15:02 07 Mar 2006
  yaesu 15:05 07 Mar 2006

sorry should have been here click here which will take you straight to the info, yaesu

  phil46 15:09 07 Mar 2006

If you you want to use FDISK with W2000 insert a W98 or WME floppy set computer to first boot floppy in the bios or in my case i can use F12 to choose most cases this is already done if your computer has a floppy drive,on boot choose without CD Rom support on the A:\ prompt type FDISK and delete the None Dos partition if your using NTFS.

  Newuser697 20:01 07 Mar 2006

Problem solved many thanks to all

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