Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP Pro

  [DELETED] 13:41 07 Nov 2003

I presently run Windows 98SE, but due to it not being supported much longer, I would like to upgrade to either Windows 2000 professional or to Windows XP Professional. But which one. Although I am elderly, if I have a problem with my desktop, with Windows 98, I can at present, format the hard-drive and reinstall all my software and hardware. I am rather worried that I will not be able to do this under Windows XP professional, as have read in PC Advisor that once you have registered your copy of Windows XP, it is extremely difficult to format the system and reinstall the necessary information due to the product already being registered. Any information on this please. Also which system gives the best service and stability.

  recap 13:51 07 Nov 2003

I use mostly W2K but have access to most others W3.1, W95, W98, WXP Pro & Home plus Mac OS. My personal preference is W2K. WXP is just as good once you get used to the different graphics and the long way around getting into some things. Which ever you go for I would personally go for the full version and not an upgrade, less problems in the long run in my opinion.

  [DELETED] 14:01 07 Nov 2003

We use 98SE here too and have no intention of playing Bill's game by upgrading at every opportunity. If you're happy with '98 and feel comfortable with it then stick with it. have a search and see how much 2k's going to cost you.
Don't panic, 98's here for a while yet.


  [DELETED] 15:10 07 Nov 2003

I always thought that the upgrade and full versions were basically the same except that the upgrade requires that you insert the disc for the version you are upgrading from to prove entitlement.
Am I wrong in thinking that you can in fact install the 'upgrade' onto a formatted disc without the original OS being already installed.


  [DELETED] 05:38 08 Nov 2003

I'm running win2k on three PC's & a laptop. I decided that it was time to start upgrading them so bought a copy of XP Pro from Insight (because someone here said that Insight were selling it on student license for ?46).

Having purchased it It's still sat in its box on a shelf waiting to be installed. Not because I can't install it but I can't decide which PC to install it onto, I don't like the idea of having to beg permission to use it & I'm still having difficulty in finding what is better about XP than Win2k.

So maybe I wasted ?46, I don't think so, I just won't rush to install XP. Win2k has a few more years of support, supports NTFS, is secure, does the job in every way.

If however you are only upgrading because of a lack of support for Win98 I would think again. How often do you call on the support, how often do you/did you download the updates & patches? The main problem will become finding new software that will support the older operating systems.

To summarise my ramblings -

Win2k is excellent

Win-XP is win2k with bells & whistles

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