Windows 2000 Pro multi-boot with ME and XP

  CLONNEN 10:00 25 Oct 2005

I want to shortly set up my computer with three operating systems on it. ME, 2000 Pro and XP Home SP2

I know I have to install them in separate partitions in the following order :

2000 Pro
XP Home SP2

My question is what service pack should I install on the 2000 Pro partition?

I have taken a look at the Microsoft website with regard to SP4 for Windows 2000 systems and there is something in there about SP4 not being compatible with systems running Millennium Edition. I am unsure if it is saying do not install SP4 on the actual ME partition OR if it means do not install SP4 if any other partition is running ME.

Does anyone know the answer?

  PaulB2005 10:17 25 Oct 2005

Where did you get that info?

It won't be "do not install SP4 on the actual ME partition " because the Service Pack is specific to 2000 and not Me.

  CLONNEN 10:56 25 Oct 2005

click here

1.2 Key Points to Remember About Service Pack 4

You can install SP4 while Windows is running.

If you install SP4 over Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or an earlier release of Windows 2000, your computer will automatically be upgraded to 128-bit encryption to provide better online and local security and to bring your computer up to the current worldwide encryption standard.

Beginning with Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2), 128-bit encryption is supported as the default, so if you previously installed SP2 or Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3), your computer has already been upgraded to this level of encryption. Furthermore, your computer retains 128-bit encryption even if you revert to Windows 2000 or SP1 unless you reformat your hard drive and complete a new installation of Windows 2000 or Windows 2000 with SP1.

If you have already installed a previous service pack, install SP4 without removing the previous service pack.

SP4 is a recommended update because it includes fixes that can improve how some programs run with Windows 2000.

Before you install SP4, see Before You Install Service Pack 4 later in this document.

You cannot install SP4 on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition.

  CLONNEN 10:59 25 Oct 2005

"You cannot install SP4 on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition."

It does not say whether the computer would be okay if ME is on a different partition / drive letter.

Would I be unable to boot into Windows ME (C drive)if I installed SP4 on Win 2000 Pro (D drive)?

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