Windows 2000 Pro keeps crashing

  Senrabi 22:17 13 Jun 2003

After playing a game on my PC, it will crash by resetting itself. No blue screen, just turns off, then goes through scandisk & often then turns itself off again? Then another scan disk & then loads up OK. This problem seems to have happened since I went onto Broadband. Any ideas?

  Valvegrid 07:17 14 Jun 2003

I'm no expert on WIN2000 pro, although we use it at work, it rarely goes wrong. Have you got a firewall set up? you'll need it if you are on broadband, this one is quite good: click here

If you find some that's trying to access the net it may also be worth running a spy-ware program like this one; click here

Otherwise, have a look in task manager, Alt+Ctrl+Delete and see what's running in the background. You may have to post back with the results.


  Michael-240508 08:20 14 Jun 2003

I had this problem after a clean install of Win2000 and found that the problem was related to my firewall. Firstly I found that my Norton Firewall was no good so I changed to Zone Alarm. Then I found that if I increased my security levels I had the same problem with Zone Alarm.
I now use Sygate and to date have had no problems.
It is also worth mentioning that Win2000 is not really any good for games. The only game I have loaded is a golf game which doesn't use many resources.

  smcarlsen 08:52 14 Jun 2003

Could be a hardware fault, possibly a cooling problem. Does it reset itself at anytime or just after you have finished playing the game? Does it reset after using any other apps?

  Senrabi 09:51 14 Jun 2003

Generally it only crashes whilst or directly after playing a game (my lads by the way), however when I'm using it properly(!?) for interwebbing, word processing or other things it is ok.

I have zonelarm as a firewall and nortons as vc but did not have this problem pre-broadband. I did a clean install of W2k since broadband was installed.

I have to say that the cooling issue may be a answer as it (the pc) seems to be running a little noisier these days. I'll investigate that one later today.

As for the firewall, it reports true vector engine problems in the application log, I looked on the net to see if this was the cause but could not see it causing any associated crashes? I uninstalled it cleanly (I hope) & reinstalled but still reports this error? I'll try another firewall - Sygate likely as per Carty's comments.

Any other comments very welcome - thanks for the contributions so far!!

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