Windows 2000 Printing problem

  captain birdseye 14:31 07 May 2003

I have a PC running Windows 2000 shared by two users (one mornings, one afternoons)printing to a local HP1220 and a couple of networked printers. There is no problem with either user printing to any of the networked printers but the local printer is refusing to clear the buffer. On booting, all documents which have been sent to print by either user are printed again even though they have been printed at the time of request by each user. The print dialogue window lists all documents sent for printing since the last manual purge of the buffer and shows the status as PRINTED but clearly they have remained in the buffer and are printed again on reboot. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer a couple of times but still the same problem. There is obviously either a setting that I am missing or the users are doing something strange. Anybody got any bright ideas please? Thanks.

  recap 20:32 07 May 2003

If you turn the power off on the printer does it clear the cache?

  captain birdseye 08:42 08 May 2003


No fraid not.


  recap 12:16 08 May 2003

This could be a memory problem within the printer?

  recap 12:20 08 May 2003

Sorry hit the Enter key by mistake.

I have looked on the knowledge base pages of the HP web site, this particular problem is not recorded. You could get in touch with HP's support to see if they know of a solution. click here for their contact details.

  captain birdseye 12:20 08 May 2003


Is there any way of checking the printer memory?


  recap 15:14 08 May 2003

I think the only way is if it is removable, change it for a different module. If it's not ask your local computer shop if they can test it.

There's a thought, can you test it on a stand alone PC? (one that is not networked)

  captain birdseye 15:24 08 May 2003


Thanks for the link...just e-mailed HP.... will post back with the solution (if any).

Thanks for your help

  captain birdseye 10:24 13 May 2003

Just had a response from HP. This is a problem with a particular dll (HPDCMON.dll) versions 4.10 or earlier and bidirectional printing.
My dll was version 4.20 so was ok but followed their instructions re diabling bidirectional printing and the problem seems to be resolved.

This does not explain why the printer had worked ok, through a wobbly, and is now ok again but at least if it happens again I know what to do.

Thanks for the pointer to HP Recap.

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