Windows 2000 NTFS/FAT32

  Mr White 21:55 04 Nov 2003

I have a laptop running 2000 and the file system is NTFS.
I have a USB connected hard disk with FAT32 file system. However it does not recognise the disk and the data.

Can I make windows recognise the fiel system without a format ??

  oglemire 22:02 04 Nov 2003

you will need something like partition magic to convert the hdd from NTFS to FAT32, 2000 will convert from FAT / 32 to NTFS but not the reverse. Your PC not being able to read the USB disk is not being caused by the file system. I would start by makeing sure that you have installed the USB disk correctly.

  temp003 03:41 05 Nov 2003

The file system is not the problem here. Windows 2000 on NTFS can see and read FAT32 hard disks or partitions.

I also run Windows 2000 on NTFS, and have a USB external hdd formatted with FAT32, and there's no problem.

Before installing SP4, both my laptop and desktop computers could recognise and install the driver for the external hard disk very easily. Since installing SP4, the first time I connected the usb hdd, Windows 2000 would detect the new hardware immediately as before and apparently install a driver, but when I went to Device Manager, it gave a yellow exclamation mark against the new device. I had to uninstall the driver and reinstall, doing this a few times, before the correct driver was installed.

This may or may not apply to your case, but at least check in Device Manager whether the proper driver has been installed.

In my case, even after I got rid of the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager, the USB hdd might still not show in My Computer.

What I then do is go to Disk Management (click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter), to see if the USB is listed there. If not, at the top left, click Action and select Rescan Disks. Sometimes I have to rescan disks a few times, before the hdd is detected. Once it is detected in Disk Management, it will show in My Computer, and the usb hdd can be accessed and used.

I don't know whether this will help you in your case, but try it.

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