Windows 2000 - No Display

  Coffe_King 11:40 22 Dec 2003


I bought a laptop a couple of years ago that shipped with Windows ME (I know, I didnt think about it) and when XP came out I decided to give it a try. IT was very slow so I decided to go back to Windows Me. I thought 2000 would give me the security and stability almost of Windows XP and the NTFS file format, without too much of a slow down. I installed 2000 Pro all fine and dandy but when it boots I get the 2000 splash screen with the progress bar but when it would normaly go into windows the screen goes off. Any ideas?


  MichelleC 13:55 22 Dec 2003

Can you get into safemode (F8 on bootup)? If so check your device manager as most issues with w2k are driver related.

  Coffe_King 14:57 22 Dec 2003

It goes into safemode but it just says 'Windows is starting up..." and the bar above scrolls for ever.

  Coffe_King 15:00 22 Dec 2003

No it doesnt! I didnt wait long enough. I did the network ID wizard in safe mode mode and logged on, but my computer isnt much use in safe mode! What can I do?

  Coffe_King 15:32 22 Dec 2003

I removed the display adaptor then rebooted in normal mode. It works, loads in 640x480x 16 colors, but as soon as you change the resolution and colour depth it cuts out again and you have to boot into safe mode and reinstall the graphics adaptor. I am downloading some windows 2000 drivers for my card from packard bell as we speak but windows already recognises it correctly.

  Coffe_King 16:16 22 Dec 2003

Okay, I have the latest drivers from packard bell and its working great.

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