Windows 2000 - no desktop!

  Done and dusted 22:35 30 Sep 2004

I have Windows 2000 but my desktop has disappeared. Microsoft advises:

"CTRL + ALT + DELETE, click Task Manager. On File menu, click New Task (Run). type cmd.exe, and press ENTER. If necessary, change to the %SystemRoot% folder. Rename the Shdoc.vw.dll file by typing ren shdocvw.dll shdocvw.old. Restart the computer."

Don't understand "change to the %SystemRoot% folder". Does this mean type in ren shdocvw.dll shdocvw.old after the C> on the screen?

Help would be very much appreciated. Also ideas on what caused this in the first place.

  VoG II 22:40 30 Sep 2004

At the > prompt you need to type

CD %SystemRoot%

and then press the Enter key.

  Done and dusted 22:46 30 Sep 2004

Sorry not a techie! After I've done as you said, where does the ren shdocvw.dll shdocvw.old come in. Fraid I need step by step guidance.

  VoG II 22:51 30 Sep 2004

You should be looking at a black screen. At the > prompt type

ren shdocvw.dll shdocvw.old

and press the Enter key.

  Done and dusted 22:54 30 Sep 2004

Will try this out tomorrow. Sitting at different computer today. Thanks loads for your help.

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