Windows 2000 network problem

  contractor 23:42 18 Aug 2008

Dont laugh but I still use one computer with w2000 pro. I decided to network it using a Netgear WPN111 network adaptor. I downloaded the latest drivers for it, installed them and followed the setup instructions at least 10 times now. It works for one time when it actually works. and then when the computer is shut down it hangs and has to be started in safe mode. Sometimes it doesn't even get to the hardware installation part before it hangs up. I've looked at the device manager and checked the driver for it and it says that none is installed, I have tried to reinstall the driver but it comes back with an error and closes the dialogue box. When you have stopped laughing any practiacl help would be appreciated

  woodchip 23:48 18 Aug 2008

Don't laugh but I still use one computer with 98se. AS my Main Internet work Computer. and its networked with a Wireless XP Laptop and Wireless XP Desktop

PS have you tried the Add New Hardware Wizard in Control Panel? have the drivers on hand like in a Folder or on a disc. They will not be any good if they are in a zip setup file. In that case you would have to run the setup file

  woodchip 23:50 18 Aug 2008

PS is it possible that if its a PCI card that its not fully in the slot

  contractor 18:14 19 Aug 2008

I've already tried the suggestion of using the hardware wizard and the network adaptor is in a new PCI card with 6 usb 2 slots on it whoch I have used on something else and it worked fine. I works once and then when I go back in it hangs-most frustrating.I had origianlly tied to load it with the drivers that came with the kit and then downloadthe updated drives all do no avail

  Ditch999 21:15 19 Aug 2008

This is the order you are supposed to do it in.

Install software, shut down, connect USB adapter, start PC, select your correct country for adapter then let the Netgear Smart Wizard run its course.

It could take up to a minute for a connection to establish.

  Ditch999 21:20 19 Aug 2008

Maybe too many USB devices are installed and its causing IRQ conflicts.

Disable all anti virus/malware software and firewalls whilst installing and disable any onboard network adapter.

  woodchip 21:33 19 Aug 2008

USB do not use IRQ's

  Ditch999 21:52 19 Aug 2008

"USB do not use IRQ's"

True, USB devices do not but the USB controllers do, and he added a 6 slot PCI USB card.

  pk46 23:08 19 Aug 2008

What driver are you trying to install?? you said you downloaded the latest drivers you should have this on the install disk as W2000 is on extended support there wont be any new drivers in that sence only Vista drivers.
Put the install disk in the drive right click on it and click on the W2000 driver reboot then put the hardware into the USB W2000 should find it he says.
One thing about W2000 finding software drivers was not one of it's good points.

  contractor 00:51 20 Aug 2008

I've installed it both ways software first, shut down -machine hangs so cant complete the installation (this is about half the times i have tried this way). Installed hardware then updated driver.This worked briefly but kept dropping the conection, ie hardware disconnected, and when i shut down the computer and went back in it had hung again. The original driver didn't support W2000 so I went to PC World where I'd bought the adaptor (it came with the router I bought)and they downloaded from Netgear site as the correct driver for W2000.(WPN111)
Its the only usb2 port that is populated at the moment. 1 time when I loaded the software, didn't work so restarted in safe mode, checked device manager which said it didn't have a driver,sorted out and when I switched off the compter and returned to it later same thing happened it hung. I must have tried about 20 times to install it correctly and it just won't either stay installed when the computer is switch off or it just hangs prior to the final part of the installation

  LastChip 01:01 20 Aug 2008

click here

If you haven't done this procedure already, follow it to the letter.

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