Windows 2000 Network Printing Problem

  Sebby 23:11 18 Apr 2003

I'm having trouble printing to a printer on a Windows 2000 Professional machine from other clients (Windows 98, XP Professional and XP Home).

On the Windows 2000 machine, I went into the printer properties and under Security, I added "NETWORK" and "Everyone" as I thought this would allow everyone on the network to print to it. It seemed to intermittently work up until now, at which point on the XP Home machine, it says it is unable to access the printer, which I presume is an authentication problem. I also had each user of the network added to the Windows 2000 machine, but still the problem exists.

What do I need to do to get flawless printing from the various client OSs to the 2000 Professional machine? Perhaps someone has a link that explains it?

Many thanks.

  eccomputers 23:58 18 Apr 2003

what printer is it? Some are known to not be very good across a network.

  Sebby 00:04 19 Apr 2003

EPSON Stylus Color 760. I'm sure it's more the configuration than the printer itself, because its a parallel port printer, so it's just the sharing of it.

  SCL411 00:23 19 Apr 2003

Stating the obvious (sorry if you've done this already), have you shared the printer correctly from the 2000 PC? Has the 2K PC been configured to allow file/printer sharing? Do the other PCs on the network have the correct printer drivers installed for their OS? Is the 2K PC on when you try to print to the shared printer? -- once again, sorry for covering the basics, you've probably already checked these.

Can we have some more info??


  Sebby 00:30 19 Apr 2003

Thanks for the reply. I don't mean to be rude but it's not any of the basic configuration, i.e. the printer is correctly set up with correct drivers, and is shared correctly. The problem is the way that Windows 2000 works regarding authentication, and only someone who really understands Windows 2000 and sharing of this nature would be able to help.

Thanks though :-)

  SCL411 01:00 19 Apr 2003

Sebby, your welcome - in my line of work, checking that the basics have been covered saves a heck of lot of time!

Judging by the fact you're running XP Home, I would assume you have a workgroup setup as opposed to a client/server network - is this the case?

My advice for a quick, short term fix would be to share the device from the Win98 PC. This will work without any problems as a number of the schools that I support have similar setups.

I will try to dig out some knowlegde base articles for you over the weekend!

No offence taken!!! ;-)

  SCL411 01:01 19 Apr 2003

please ignor my typos and spelling errors!!! - it's too late for my brain to funtion correctly!!!!

  Sebby 01:07 19 Apr 2003

Thanks for the reply.

It's a workgroup setup, yes, as opposed to a server/client setup.

My XP Pro machines can print fine to it, and so can the 98 machine. It's the XP Home laptop that cannot authenticate.

Windows 2000 is a good stable operating system but it is so complicated. I just hope someone here has experienced the same problem and can help!

  Sebby 01:08 19 Apr 2003

I'm off to bed. I hope to wake up to a stack of replies that help me to solve this problem :-)


Hi Sebby,
Your network printing configuration just only config the permission for use who allow to print and deny to print. Becasue of you said that is a network printer. I would like to know do you using print server or just share form a computer. Both of it also need to be install the drive to computer with network printing config. If the computer have the printer driver already? Please check the property and add a new port for printing and IP mapping

  Sebby 11:18 19 Apr 2003

Thanks for the reply.

It's just a printer shared from a computer running Windows 2000. The drivers are installed correctly. Do I still need to add a new port for printing and IP mapping, or is this just for a network printer?

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