Windows 2000 compatability issues??

  [DELETED] 15:16 22 Nov 2003

Hi i just installed windows 2000 and i just gt a D-Link Modem (DFM-562IS) which is supposed to be compatible with all windows OS's however when i try to install it cant seem to figure summat out.

i click have disk. goto thw win 2k dir click on the .inf file and then ok but no modems are listed its the same if i goto the xp inf file aswell. all the other OS's show the modem in a list but 2000 and xp wont my copy of win2k is brand new and its got sp4 on it or should do :\ i using win me some how because it wasnt deleted wen i selected full install of 2000 pro so the modem is fine under win ME

hope you can understand and more importantly help me :D reply soon


  [DELETED] 15:17 22 Nov 2003

ohh ya wen i boot up it gives me an incorrect vendor's driver to install the modem with but that doesnt work either. wel ive always selected no but i chose that driver later on.

  recap 20:02 22 Nov 2003

Setup Guide for DFM-562is modem (Win2K): click here

  [DELETED] 10:29 23 Nov 2003

it still doesnt work :| what should i do? i dont think i can send windows 2000 back to dabs teh modem is meh mums but we switched because theother was incompatible :O its just Messed up :'(

  recap 16:26 23 Nov 2003

Uninstall everything to do with the Modem. If you can see it in Device manager delete it from there. Turn off your system and plug the modem in, then reboot. W2K should then see new hardware and hopefully install the neccesary software.

  [DELETED] 07:51 24 Nov 2003

no it doesnt ive tried that. . . there is always an error durinmg installation because o "invalid data type" or something like that

  [DELETED] 09:11 24 Nov 2003

Surprisingly modems can be a real pain to sort out. Try the following.

Make sure you have uninstalled the software for the previous modem. If not, do it. (Ideally you should have uninstalled the previous modem from Device Manager before you switched the modem, especially if you're using the same PCI slot.)

Go to Device Manager and uninstall all items under modems, or PCI Communications Devices with a yellow exclamation mark (right click, uninstall). I know it's tiresome, because you've done it before, but try it again please.

Then turn off computer.

If there is another free PCI slot other than the one where the old modem used to reside, move the modem there. Start computer. If you don't have another free slot, just start computer.

Then try to install the modem again.

If you still receive an error message saying "data is invalid", click here and follow the instructions for Windows 2000.

Then go to Device Manager, double click the problem device, go to the Driver tab, select update driver, and follow on. See if it makes any difference.

  [DELETED] 20:26 19 Dec 2003

hi i did all that u said it didnt work... but i upgraded win2k pro to win2kpro and it installed fine (1 prob but its solved) but for some reason it didnt uninstall win me so now NIS doesnt work on either OS so i have had to install pc cillin ... i let down firewall for 5 secs litrally and i get the blasterworm i cant use win me no more for internet use and it seems the blaster worm isnt here now... buti cant use active x now and i dont like pc cillin can ne one help me solve this prob i have 0 patitions and have two OS's on same drive i need NIS 2003 back on on both OS's hope yll can help... oh yea and for some reason after having my modem work on win 2k it stopped on me untill i re installed.

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