Windows 2000

  sooety 08:58 20 Jun 2003

I am at preesnt running 98se and thinking of getting 2000.
Can I load it on top of 98se and what are the extra benefits of it

  temp003 09:58 20 Jun 2003

Yes, you can install windows 2000 on top of 98se by taking the upgrade path, although a format and clean install is always better.

Check before you switch to Windows 2000 that your important hardware and software are compatible with Windows 2000. Since Windows 2000 has been out for quite a long time, most compatibility issues have been resolved.

Main advantage is its stability. It really hardly crashes.

It will require more RAM to run. You should have at least 128MB of RAM. Otherwise although it will still run, you will find it slow.

  HighTower 10:37 20 Jun 2003

Used it for 12 months without a crash! Best OS ever in my opinion! As temp003 says check your drivers, I had to get a copy of an updated hard disk controller for 2000 on floppy for the upgrade, but with subsequent upgrades on other systems there has been no issue with this.

  keith-236785 10:51 20 Jun 2003

Just to expand on temp003s comment about the upgrade path,

if you choose this path and in the future need to do a format or need a new hard drive, you would have to install windows98 first then upgrade again.

if you have the choice, pick a full product, format and do a clean install, then thats all you would have to do in the future.

if however this is just for a trial, go ahead with the upgrade option.

good luck

  A15 12:55 20 Jun 2003

I used to have a Windows 2000 upgrade cd & managed to do a full install without first installing the qualifying product by formatting the hard drive, then asking Windows 2000 to install. It asked for the cd of the qualifying product, which I inserted & it checked the cd then continued with a proper full install of 2000. I must say I never regretted purchasing 2000, very stable & not one crash, that is until my memory was corrupted by a power surge!

  GazMaz 13:42 21 Oct 2003

NOted that it would be best to upgrade can you tell me, if you get the Full version presumably you can still Dual boot?

  MichelleC 14:05 21 Oct 2003

GazMaz, I've got the upgrade w2k version (from 98se) and I dual boot 2 hd's.

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