Windows 2000

  pentogor 08:09 21 Dec 2003

I installed Windows 2000 over Windows 98 and lost my modem. I have now retrieved this but my kbps which previously was 35 - 45 is now only 14 - 19 and I am failing to download anything from internet - I get a message Cannot Find Server!

I have a Intel CPU P111 Mother Board non bilt, 20.4 GB Hard Disk, 128 Mb Ram, 32 MB VGA, 56.6 Fax Modem (US Robotics),Processor P111 800.

I have failed to uninstall Windows 2000 and am now getting desperate.

Can anyone help.

Might I be better to buy another Hard Drive as the slowness of my present connection is driving me nuts.

Never had any of these problems with Windows 98 but felt I ought to upgrade - wish I had never bothered.

Add/Remove cannot locate Windows 2000 - is there anyone out there who can assist.

I bought Norton AntiVirus 2004 but even that will not install and activate.

When I tried to uninstall Norton Antivirus 2003 using the disc it told me it could not do it due to a fatal error.

Help anyone.

I am also getting a very strange noise coming from my Hard Drive when I start up - is this normal - it started a few days before I installed Windows 2000!

  1st RHA 08:12 21 Dec 2003

have you tried looking for an updated driver click here user-drivers password- all

  MichelleC 08:20 21 Dec 2003

I had a few probs when I went from 98 to w2k, but once the driver issues were sorted out it was the best move I've ever done. There's not much the sfc and 'repair' options can't fix.

I'd suggest running a few maintenance things 1st:

hd error checking (the scandisc will check on reboot); defrag; RUN/ type cmd, type sfc /scannow (note space)put in w2k disc.

Look on Symantec site for uninstall instructions for Nortons.

You may need to update modem driver to w2k's.

  LastChip 11:17 21 Dec 2003

As MichelleC says, is a seriously good operating system, but it needs care to setup properly.

The chances are, if you have a US Robotics modem, the drivers will be available within the system, and from what you are describing, this is almost certainly, a driver problem.

If it were me, I would uninstall the modem from Device Manager, shut the machine down, let W2K find the modem again and install its own drivers. It is important you boot from cold, eg. turn the machine right off.

If by chance you have an obscure modem, you will need to find the product number and visit US Robotics site (or somewhere like above link) and download the driver via a working machine, perhaps at work or a friends.

Now, sorry to sound like a bear with a sore head, but Norton, I don't rate at all. First, there are known activation issues with the product. Norton have admitted publicly there is a problem with some systems. Second, it integrates itself so far into the system, that in my opinion, it becomes intrusive. As far as I can see, it is no better than AVG, which I have found to be faultless (and free!)

Strange noises from hard drives I am afraid are generally bad news. However, I would be amazed if it had anything to do with the installation of W2K, probably, just coincidence. You really need to find out the manufacturer of your drive, and when the opportunity arises, download their diagnotic software, which will probably tell you if your hard drive is failing. In the meantime, backup any important information, before you loose it altogether.

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