windows 200 advanced server (at home).

  The Dazza 21:54 20 Dec 2004

Recently installed w2000 advanced server. It's saying I don't have the relevant security rights to download from the internet (even downloading av). IS there a setting I can turn off does anyone know, then I can download??

  Steve N 23:58 20 Dec 2004

Thats an interesting one!

You are running under administrator arent u?

  vinnyo123 02:25 21 Dec 2004

Maybe just in IE tools security tab,custom tab,check file download.

And also as steve syas ADMIN account.

Cannot think of any other settings off the top off may head in local security policies.Is it a standalone server or in a domain?

  The Dazza 19:21 21 Dec 2004

Tools/Internet options/Security/Default level. That did the trick!!

  vinnyo123 05:49 23 Dec 2004

Just a note you most likely had file download disabled and by putting it back to default enabled it.I usually browse the internet with it disabled as another layer of security so nothing downloads without me knowing it.You be suprised how many times this alert popped up when I wasn't trying to download anything.

Layers of security is always good the more you add the better!!!

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