Windows 10 wont recognize multiple monitors

  ALStrader7 18:41 24 Nov 2016

Hello, I have connected 3 monitors to my PC. I have used a VGA splitter and a DVI-I to VGA cables in order to connect the monitors to the computer. All the monitors display the same thing, but when I go into display settings, it does not detect any other screen. Please help, thanks in advance.

  BRYNIT 20:04 24 Nov 2016

I have used a VGA splitter and a DVI-I to VGA cables in order to connect the monitors to the computer

If you have taken a DVI-I to VGA cable from your computer and connected a splitter from this to connect to three monitors your computer will only see this as one monitor and display the same image. If you have more than one output on your graphics card you need to connect a monitor to each output but you may find that the low end graphic cards may only allow 2 monitors to be used at a time.

  difarn 20:07 24 Nov 2016

I read an article about a similar problem and the fix was...

Control panel - device manager - display adaptor

There was a warning triangle next to the driver - roll back driver but if greyed out try update - close down pc and reboot.

Another poster updated/rolled back the drivers for both monitors.

  ALStrader7 20:47 24 Nov 2016

I have used 2 ports to connect the monitors, 1 monitor is connected via A DVI to VGA cable (dvi end connected to the computer), the other 2 are connected with a VGA splitter coming from a VGA port in the graphics card. even if one monitor is a mirror image because of the splitter, shouldn't the other monitor be detected?.

With regards to the driver, It always comes up as Windows basic display adapter, I have tried updating it says it is up to date. I have also tried installing it and have tried to download different drivers but they don't install, one of the drivers that I tried to install gave me an error saying "try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup". I have opened up the computer and looked at the graphics card but there is no sign of the brand or anything on there. There is no option to roll back.

Thanks for the help

  ALStrader7 21:03 24 Nov 2016

Another thing, under other devices, the video controller has a error triangle on it, on properties it says "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)" "There are no compatible drivers for this device". I have tried updating them and trying to find them online but I cant seem to find anything.

  Burn-it 21:29 24 Nov 2016

There is nothing wrong with it behaving like this. It is perfectly correct. You need multiple chips or a chip with multiple cores to do this. Windows only allows two seperate displays anyway: one for control and, one for display.

  ALStrader7 22:07 24 Nov 2016

Say if I was to buy another graphics card (EVGA GeForce GT 720 2GB DDR3 ). would the VGA splitter still not work, How would I connect 2 monitors to one output.

  Old Deuteronomy 22:36 24 Nov 2016

How would I connect 2 monitors to one output.

Daisy-chain them using Displayport.

  Jollyjohn 12:53 25 Nov 2016

Before buying a new graphics card I would run Belarc click here and see if it will identify your existing graphics card. Then search specifically for drivers for that card.

Alternatively pop the graphics card out and look for an FCC Id number - search that and it should identify the card.

Until drivers are installed the graphics card won't be able to run more than one monitor.

  BRYNIT 22:35 25 Nov 2016

You say one is connected to the DVI on the computer and the other is connected to graphics card via a VGA splitter.

If you are saying you are using the DVI from the onboard graphics and the VGA from the graphics card this could be your problem but I'm not an expert.

Does you graphics care have more than one output if yes then connect the monitors to the graphics card should show a monitor from each connection.

Have a read of CLICK HERE "The complete guide to multiple monitors" don't know if it will help.

1]: [click here

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