Windows 10 upgrade lost files

  lmg1663 09:57 01 Dec 2015

Very late last night I finally gave in to the nagging pop-ups to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 (from 8.1). Like a fool I believed all the assurances that the files would be exactly where I left them, and went ahead without thinking to back up first (as I said, it was late...) Now I appear to have lost all my photos, personal files, work files, etc. Surely there should have been some kind of warning that this would happen? Can I get them back?

  alanrwood 10:32 01 Dec 2015

The upgrade allows you to choose whether your documents and apps are saved or deleted. Which did you select?

  alanrwood 10:33 01 Dec 2015

You could roll back to the old system which should be stored in windows.old. Not sure if it restores your data though. Anyone know???

  lmg1663 10:37 01 Dec 2015

Thanks for getting back to me. I asked it for all the documents and apps. I certainly didn't ask for them to be deleted! How do I go about rolling back to the old system?

  Govan1x 11:14 01 Dec 2015

Expand C Drive and you should see windows old. Maybe you can retrieve them from there.

  lmg1663 12:39 01 Dec 2015

Many thanks, that worked - I've managed to find most of them, fortunately - rather obscurely filed! I still can't find the backup of my Blackberry pictures though, but the good news is I hadn't got around to deleting them from my mobile so hopefully that can also be resolved. Why does it all have to be so difficult?

  Govan1x 13:01 01 Dec 2015

That's Microsoft for you. They change a very good version of W7 and fling you in at the deep end with W10 which is basically just an update of W8.1.

W10 is obviously not ready yet for some and think they may have pushed it to soon,But it is better than W8.1 so that's a bonus.

After the month is up you can safely delete Windows old through disk clean up which should save about 22gb of disc space.

  lmg1663 14:39 01 Dec 2015

I've managed to find the pictures now, too - after a bit of a search! Lesson learned, though - never take a Microsoft promise at face value!

  Border View 15:25 01 Dec 2015

Pleased I read this. Still holding out with Windows 7 on my desktop which is my main computer. Will remain with W7 for a good while yet.

  Tom. K 16:21 01 Dec 2015

I agee I shall keep W7 as long as possable, I read in another computer mag that microsoft will give updates untill 2020, that will suit me

  lmg1663 16:33 01 Dec 2015

I'm reserving judgement on the operating system per se, as I haven't really had chance to evaluate it yet - but if the upgrade process is anything to go by, I'm not holding my breath! A pop-up appeared asking for feedback on how I found the upgrade...let's just say the caps lock key was used in the reply.

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