Windows 10 upgrade 1511 10586, any problems

  iscanut 15:06 03 Dec 2015

Before I take the plunge allow this update, are there any pitfalls at all or is it ok to go ahead. Would welcome any feedback from those of you who have installed this update.

  Govan1x 17:58 03 Dec 2015

It should install ok. I had no problems with it.

You will get windows old back again with it maybe keep it for a while before you delete it.

  john bunyan 18:21 03 Dec 2015

It took about 3 hours in all. Do not disturb it. There are long pauses and restarts, like a full installation.

  iscanut 19:49 03 Dec 2015

Thanks to all of you. Have made a start and 1 hour in , so far so good.

  iscanut 21:18 03 Dec 2015

Disaster...My printers have disappeared and none of my browsers respond ( IE 11, Firefox or Edge ) am having to access the net via my I Pad. Anyone else had problems like this. I see bjh above had printer problems.

  Govan1x 22:33 03 Dec 2015

You will have Windows old on it but not sure if you can transfer the lan and wifi drivers over from it.

Set IE as the default might help.

  Govan1x 22:35 03 Dec 2015

And maybe run sfc /scannow as administrator and see if it finds any problems and fixes them.

  iscanut 15:43 04 Dec 2015

After a couple of re boots, all now seems to be ok. Very odd.

  Govan1x 16:05 04 Dec 2015

Glad it sorted itself out. Hope it stays that way but no doubt you will get a few other niggles as time goes by.

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