Windows 10 Updates Intolerable - Must Stop Somehow

  broigel 20:49 13 Sep 2018

EVERY time I leave my laptop unattended for a little while, Microsoft take it over for yet another UPDATE. Be quite clear: once M/soft have it, I don't. It is 100% out of commission while the update process rolls on for ever, followed by - not me getting in, oh no, - CONFIGURING the updates. Literally I am shut out of my own machine (blank black screen) for half an hour minimum every time M/soft get in, often longer. This is utterly intolerable and totally UNACCEPTABLE. Does the rest of the world really just put up with this? It's CRAZY! OK, so I've checked online and turned off Windows Updates. I've changed the registry setting. I've done everything I'm aware of to turn off the updates. Doesn't stop them - they appear all the time. If I'm around, they ask for a time - I always choose never or as near to never as I can get. That puts them off until my machine is left on and unattended for a wee while. Bingo! Straight in and on with the updates. When I return, I've got a black screen and no access.

Couple of Q's. 1) Is there a failsafe way of turning Windows 10 updates off? Please don't lecture me about how I really must have them - NO, I'll take any risk going as long as MY machine is under MY control. I will not put up with these updates - and btw, neither should anyone, ever. 2) Could it be that, although I've turned updates off, because I'm using EDGE as the browser, M/soft have a sneaky way in from Edge, one that I'm unaware of? 3) I'm using Edge because Chrome slowed down so much that it was unworkable. Stationary, immobile. Anyone know how to really speed Chrome up, in case I should ditch Edge - because I'm going to stop the updates somehow! 4) How easy or difficult is it to completely ditch Windows and move to Linux? I presume I would have to load all my programs (apps for you young uns) back on and then load all my data on separately. That would take a long time but no other way I don't suppose? 5) Does Linux work well with the internet? Quick? Slow? Decent? I hope someone can help here and thanks in advance if someone does. Either way I will stop those updates and regain control of my machine, somehow. It's time the world ditched Microsoft completely. You might say that I don't need them - I could spend 3 times as much and get an Apple machine. Does Apple do updates constantly? Or what?

  wee eddie 21:49 13 Sep 2018

Linux has its own software. As far as I know it isn't compatible with Windows Software. Although you can save files in compatible formats.

  Forum Editor 22:50 13 Sep 2018

"Please don't lecture me about how I really must have them - NO, I'll take any risk going as long as MY machine is under MY control."

You're missing the point really, aren't you? Turn off Windows updates completely and quite soon your computer may not be under your control at all.

Updates are released for a reason, people at Microsoft don't just sit around writing patches and fixes for fun - they do it because malicious people are busy finding vulnerabilities and devising ways to exploit them.

In the end, it's your choice. I use computers more or less all day every day for a living, and I certainly don't find that my productivity is impacted by constant updates. I just configure my machines so that they install and restart during the night, while I'm asleep, or when I'm out of my office or home.

  Govan1x 23:05 13 Sep 2018

You can go to services. Scroll down to Windows Updates. Disable it and stop it from running.

  broigel 00:16 14 Sep 2018

Thanks but... Replying to Govan1x first, I have done that, gone to services, disabled it, two or three times in fact. It hasn't stopped the updates which probably means it doesn't stay disabled. It somehow heals itself and becomes enabled again. I think Edge may be the culprit, lets M/soft in the back door and they undo my disabling? Replying to Forum Editor, I know it's about virus protection probably mostly but that I believe is because they don't write the software properly and definitely don't bother testing it fully - they just launch it out there half done and users get to do the testing. I use my computer all day every day too and I am not going to have M/soft take it over without any permission from me. That is plain wrong. I have managed in the past to suppress Windows updates and had no issues at all. Other than when I tried to move from W7 to W10 and couldn't do it without running the updates I had avoided - all 652 of them! That took a whole day, but then they had to be 'configured' which took another day. And when almost complete, I got the message that configuration had failed! And that everything needed to be undone! Yeah, great system. And my response is that if Windows cannot be used without daily or weekly updates, then I must not and will not use Windows any more. Hence it's time to try Linux I guess. Firstly I'm going back to Chrome, see if it's had a nice rest and is ready to get out of bed and work. If Edge is shelved, that might mean that updates will stay disabled - which I will do again right now. And just out of interest, am I the only one who thinks this constant updating lark is ridiculous?

  lotvic 01:11 14 Sep 2018

Sounds like you have Windows 10 Home which is designed to update in the way you describe (seems to ignore any attempt to stop/control when to update etc.

You would have more control over updates settings if you had Window 10 Pro

Good article for info in The Guardian click here

  broigel 01:37 14 Sep 2018

Thanks lotvic, that is a good article and it's reassuring to see I'm not alone. You're right, I've got the Home version. Hadn't thought of W10 Pro but I will now. I have to say that M/soft have absolutely NO RIGHT to 'take a paternalistic view' for updates and force them on to users, that's horrendous. Once they get away with this for updates, who knows what they might force on us next? But no doubt that's why business isn't screaming at them for taking over machines - it's only us poor sods with the cheaper version. Hmmm - perhaps 'forcing' us to pay for the Pro version????!

  lotvic 01:52 14 Sep 2018

Hmm, a lot of people think that way, but it's a misunderstanding of the end user license agreement. Microsoft do have the right to "do that", each user agrees to that condition when purchasing the software license to use Windows. EULA info click here

  BT 08:48 14 Sep 2018

I have a Laptop that has Win10 and I get occasional updates but certainly not all the time. I get the major updates when they are issued and also occasional minor updates but certainly not all the time as you are saying. It certainly doesn't take over my machine. The Major updates give the option as to when to install and OK it takes a while so I let it happen when I'm not using the machine for a while. Minor updates usually pop up when I'm shutting down at night so I just leave it and it does its thing and shuts down when its done.

Really can't see much of a problem. I think your problem is mainly down to your own actions by constantly fiddling and denying updates. As you said 652 updates when you tried to upgrade Win 7 to Win 10. The upgrade needed an upto date version of Win 7 to be able to upgrade to Win 10 hence the 652 updates before it would do it.

Best option get it all up to date and then use your machine for what its intended.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:32 14 Sep 2018

EVERY time I leave my laptop unattended for a little while, Microsoft take it over for yet another UPDATE.

It sounds like perhaps there's something very wrong with your computer and an already-downloaded update is repeatedly trying to install and failing each time.

Head over to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows updates -> View update history. If there are multiple failures shown for the same updates then my hunch is correct.

  broigel 11:02 14 Sep 2018

Thanks SS, I've checked update history, 31 updates since 11th June, 1 failed - and no doubt that keeps trying and keeps failing. And it can stay failed for now. I've found that I no longer have 'Windows Updates' in services, I have 'Update Orchestrator' - that's the blighter that's taking control. I'm not going to disable it but I have stopped it for now, thereby REGAINING CONTROL (I do hope!) which is MY right. And that's the point: my machine, my control. It's not a question of just writing it into a EULA and that's OK. No it's not. Windows has been essential for many, many years and has not taken over users' devices before. This is a new wheeze and it should be resisted - it is demeaning and controlling. We should all be outraged, I certainly am. If W10 needs numerous regular updates, I suppose we can put up with it - but we'll run them when we choose, not when M/soft forces them through. In the past we just got notifications of updates; that's the way it should be done. And if I can switch Update Orchestrator on and off when I choose, that's the way I'll work: I'll do updates sometimes, when it suits ME.

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