Windows 10 update to ver. 1709 fails to complete

  tallboy 23:27 16 Nov 2017

Earlier today my 64-bit Windows 10 system decided it was time to download / install the Autumn Creator's Update - version 1709. After several hours of downloading & supposedly installing the update, Windows update history claims a successful installation that will be completed after a re-start.

However, I have since done 2 restarts and my PC is still running version 1703. How do I get it to complete the update? If I try to use the normal update the Microsoft server will see that it has been downloaded and assume that all is well (or will be) after a restart - which it's not!

  Govan1x 13:14 17 Nov 2017

Try running it in safe mode if it is in your download box. Mabe run disk clean up first then click on clean up system file when it opens and check for old Windows updates to see if any there waiting to be deleted and delete them.

You could try running the update in safe mode if it is in your download folder.

Now if you are updating using a wireless connection maybe do it with an ethernet connection as it should finish a lot quicker.

If that fails go to the Windows Update web site and download it from there.

  Govan1x 13:28 17 Nov 2017

You could run the Update now, from here.

Click here

Now you have to be careful with some of those or maybe I clicked on the wrong one as I used to have W10 Pro and I now have W10 Home

  tallboy 16:48 18 Nov 2017

Thanks for the posts. The update was not in my download folder, so I ran the Disk Cleanup (including system files) and tried again. After several hours of re-downloading I got a Windows update Error Code - 0xc1900208. After Googling this, there was a suggestion on the Windows Community recommending running the Windows Update Troubleshooter. This I did (after downloading it) and it found a couple of errors - which it fixed. I then ran it again and got the error code 0xc1900209 and a Windows message telling me that I need to un-install my Kaspersky Anti-virus.I can't believe that KAV won't work with Windows 10 Creator Update (unless Microsoft is trying to 'kill' it's competition) so at that stage I abandoned the update.

Incidentally, a couple of things; Windows reports that I'm running version 15063 whereas the latest version is 16299. How does version 15063 relate to version 1703 (which is what the PC says I'm running -the version before 1709). Does this mean that I'm still missing some updates for version 1703? Also, I notice that when I started to update process the amount of space left on my SSD was only 32.4GB of a total of 232GB. Is this enough space for the temporary files that are needed during the update?

Finally, where should I look for the events relating to updates (If they haven't been deleted during the disk clean-up)?

I look forward to seeing further posts on this annoying update process.

  qwbos 18:46 18 Nov 2017

I can't remember Microsoft error codes ever being much help, but I assume somebody somewhere knows what they mean and how to fix the underlying cause.

Have you tried running CCleaner?

You should have version 1709 build number 16299.64

Version 1703 went to 1709 with the big update in October.

  tallboy 21:37 18 Nov 2017

Thanks for the further posts. I have (temporarily) removed Kaspersky Total Security & switched over to Defender. However, when I run the update again, it still says I have Kaspersky AV installed & that it is blocking the upgrade! There may be a program blocking it, but I don't think it can be KAV as it isn't present now. (And I have done a restart at the end of it.) I regularly run cCleaner; but I'll run it again (before re-installing KTS) and see if that removes whatever is blocking the update. Incidentally MJS Warlord; my PC has 8 GB of RAM.

  tallboy 17:06 19 Nov 2017

Many thanks for the post rdave13 - you've come to my rescue once again! I had forgotten that last time I removed Kaspersky AV from my PC (several years ago) I had to use their specific removal tool. I have now downloaded / used the current version and completed a successful update to the Fall Creator's version of Windows 10. I have also put back the latest version of Kaspersky Total Security which appears to work OK with the update.

Having gone through all that 'hassle' I will now make a new Windows 10 Image - just in case something goes wrong. BTW, when I started this update there was only 32GB of 232GB left on my SSD C: drive. I notice that it now shows 100GB free. Microsoft must have put a lot of 'garbage' on it with regular updates since the original Creator's update!

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