Windows 10 Update Cause Network Issue!

  Benjamin Harris 16:22 06 Apr 2017

I recently did a clean install of windows 10 and my network is going a lot slower than before! Before the clean install I was getting 25MBs per second now all I am getting is a maximum of 10MBs per second. I have looked at task manager and it's saying that my network card is running at 98% which is obviously wrong and using the latest drivers from my motherboard provider.

System Details: Motherboard - Asus Ranger VII CPU - Intel I7 GPU - Nvidia 1080

  beynac 16:59 06 Apr 2017

If you recently installed Windows, then Windows Update will have a fair bit of catching up to do. The slowness could be due to the network traffic for the downloads and the disk, and other resources, being used for the updates.

  Benjamin Harris 17:14 06 Apr 2017

I had the same issue before with an old ISO copy of window 10 installation which I got from the windows website. Last time I resolved the issue by installing the drivers from asus before windows 10 had the option install drivers through windows update. However I got the iso from windows site this time and its slightly different too the old installation and I think includes that update that was cause the problem before.

Also when looking at the Task Manager its saying the network is running at max however I no this isn't true as before it was working at like 15% and I was getting a lot higher download speed. Also where I have got the latest installer for windows 10 there was only 2 updates which are done now and still no improvement on the download speed.


  • Ben
  Secret-Squirrel 08:50 07 Apr 2017's saying that my network card is running at 98% which is obviously wrong............

There could be a lot of activity taking place in the background so it's worth investigating. The Windows "Resource Monitor" may provide some valuable clues as to what's happening. There's a link for it at the bottom of Task Manager's "Performance" section. Click on the "Network" tab and that will show you what processes are using the network and where they're connected to.

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