Windows 10 reinstall mouse and keyboard not worki

  Stan 12:39 04 Mar 2019

Hi I am in the process of a clean install of windows 10 but as soon as I reach the country I'm in (UK) my keyboard and mouse stop working. I have looked in the bios on f10 but don't see any option to enable them so I'm stuck �thanks

  Stan 14:29 06 Mar 2019

Any techies available to help?

  Bris 16:27 06 Mar 2019

Hi Stan.

The most likely cause of your problem is your wireless mouse & keyboard. I know from experience that you will get all sorts of problems unless you use directly USB connected mouse & keyboard and straight into the PC and not via a hub.

I think that what is happening here is that Windows is switching to some wireless Windows drivers at a certain point that are incompatible with your setup. Your best bet is to invest in a cheap keyboard & mouse, as others have said you can get both for under £15.

I have spent the day cloning drives and testing restores etc and the first thing I do whenever I am doing this sort of work is to forget my expensive setup and switch to a bog standard keyboard & mouse because I know the problems I am going to get otherwise.

Once you have got the system up and running you can then reconnect you wireless setup and Windows will load the necessary drivers, you should even be able to run both sets together.

  Stan 17:29 06 Mar 2019

Hi Bris Thanks for your advice I have a cheap mouse wired up at the moment but not a keyboard. I'll buy one and give it a try.

  BRYNIT 20:33 06 Mar 2019

Do you have the mouse and keyboard connected to a USB3 port on the computer? if so move them to USB2 ports as some computer sometimes have problems using USB3 ports before windows installs the drivers.

  Menzie 22:21 06 Mar 2019

Is Legacy USB support enabled in your system's UEFI/BIOS?

Check your motherboards manual on how to access and enable this option.

On some systems it can stop the keyboard and mouse functioning properly at several points.

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