Windows 10 reinstall mouse and keyboard not worki

  Stan 12:39 04 Mar 2019

Hi I am in the process of a clean install of windows 10 but as soon as I reach the country I'm in (UK) my keyboard and mouse stop working. I have looked in the bios on f10 but don't see any option to enable them so I'm stuck �thanks

  KEITH 1955 13:18 04 Mar 2019

try this , turn pc off then unplug mouse and keyboard , turn pc on what till you get to desktop then plug them back in and see if you get the new device found bubble message

  Stan 13:25 04 Mar 2019

Hi Keith Thanks for your reply but I can't even reach desktop as I took the option of the wipe clean they work in startup but I only get as soon as the blue installation screen comes up asking about my country, they stop working.

  KEITH 1955 13:35 04 Mar 2019

just a long shot have you tried scrolling round the various questions screens using arrow keys …… sometimes works , if it works try what I said in previous message

  Stan 13:45 04 Mar 2019

I just tried it but it didn't work �/p>

  Stan 17:20 04 Mar 2019

I'm still stumped guys, any ideas?

  Stan 12:34 05 Mar 2019

Could it be because my keyboard is wireless? Or should that not matter?

  wescliff 13:01 05 Mar 2019

It might. I use Logitech, but always keep a cheap USB keyboard/mouse handy just in case. Probably pick these up for a fiver now.

  wescliff 13:03 05 Mar 2019

Hold it: just seen that you can F10 into the bios, so it must be recognised.

  Stan 13:24 05 Mar 2019

Hi Wes yeah the wireless keyboard works in the bios, I have a USB wired mouse and it doesn't work at the country screen �should I try getting a USB stick and download from Microsoft and try installing from the USB or would that just be the same?

  Stan 08:52 06 Mar 2019

Update. I'm still stumped any one else had this problem?

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