Windows 10 reinstall

  dougywoodhead 19:12 08 Mar 2015

How do I reinstall windows 10 .. I did a system restore and upset every thing . Now my windows 10 does not function correctly and I cannot download it again because my system thinks I have got it . I only have a desktop ... no apps or info ... only the taskbar . Thanks

  rdave13 19:23 08 Mar 2015

Have you tried downloading the iso file and burning to disc/usb drive and reinstalling that way? preview-iso

  robin_x 22:21 08 Mar 2015

Also, right click the Taskbar (or press Ctrl-Alt-Del) and start Task Manager.

Click More Options, if necessary, to see Background Processes and Windows Processes.

Scroll right down to Windows Explorer Process instance(s). Right-click to Restart it or them.

Hopefully, everything should appear.


If you can get File Explorer to open from the Taskbar, Open Settings is on the Computer tab, up top.

Click that and search for Refresh and you can do a re-install that way.

Or Reset is a clean install.

  onthelimit1 09:33 09 Mar 2015

have you checked to see if W10 is still in your downloads folder?

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