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windows 10 query about alleged web page problem

  johnnyrocker 16:59 01 Jan 2017

just recently i have a problem message that comes up saying "a web page is slowing down your computer" and gives me the option of stopping it or waiting, usually i select stop it and machine eventually unfreezes,no apparent change on screen at the time or indication of the page etc using firefox, a happy new year to all users

  wee eddie 19:26 01 Jan 2017

I would suspect Malware

  johnnyrocker 19:39 01 Jan 2017

done all the sweeps etc using pc clean up etc. thanks for taking the time to reply

regards johnny

  Burn-it 00:02 02 Jan 2017

Is this Win 10 complaining. If it detects that a Web page is using excessive resources it may well say this. PC Advisor forum pages - with the advertising- kill the response on my older machine because of the CPU usage they grab.

  Govan1x 00:33 02 Jan 2017

I was having Problems tonight using Firefox.I was using google as a browser and it just would not connect,

Tried quite a few things that did not work then tried MSN as my Browser and no problems using that.

Mind you a brand new laptop and it does not want to work properly and cannot get it to update windows.

Will try again tomorrow though.

What a waste of money it was buying this. if the CPU is not running at 100% the Disk is. Not sure what ot who to blame, Microsoft and their crap W10. or the cheap computer or the idiot that bought it.

Yup looks like I am impersonating Victor Meldrew tonight. You must be joking.

  johnnyrocker 22:16 04 Jan 2017

my thanks for all the posts but i am still non the wiser more help would be appreciated

cheers johnny

  johnnyrocker 17:23 05 Jan 2017

thanks for interest, the webpage does not get listed the message appears as a yellow box at the top of the screen with the options offered to either stop or wait, als ad blocker is in use

regards johnny

  Burn-it 21:53 05 Jan 2017

What is the web address in the address bar??

  johnnyrocker 16:36 06 Jan 2017

it can be any address i go to choose

regards johnny

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