Windows 10 PC Having Problems with USB Storage

  Scrivers 16:05 09 Dec 2016

For the last week or so my W10 PC will sometimes refuse to recognise USB storage devices, like my ext HD and USB memory sticks. Re-starting the PC will cure the problem. Has Microsoft done something naughty again with the latest update. Anyone help?

  rdave13 18:13 09 Dec 2016

Rebooting usually remedies these types of faults. Drivers not loading correctly hence I never use 'sleep' or 'hibernate'. I would suggest not having any external drive connected to your PC/Laptop when booting. Once up and running then connect your external drives as and when needed. If not for anything else it will be good for your data security as ransomware malware could encrypt all your backups.

  Scrivers 21:41 09 Dec 2016

I use sleep from morning to evening, when I shut down properly. I usually have my ext HD on during the day but plug the USB drives in as & when I need them. Everything has worked faultlessly until a week or so ago. I suspect a rogue MS update. Ransomware I know to be a problem. I have another ext HD in a safe as a backup to my daily ext HD & sync once a month.

  rdave13 21:51 09 Dec 2016

Scrivers your last post shows you 'sleep' and 'shutdown' on a daily basis. Don't believe its a 'rogue' update. Unplug your hard-drive unless needed. If you do get an update, whether Microsoft or other, then reboot even if not asked to. See how you get on.

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