Windows 10 with Office 365 and Word 16

  mohic 07:46 07 Apr 2018

Yesterday when I opened my Word documents they all opened in Read Only Mode and I can't get them back into Edit mode. The only options that seem to be available are the icons in the bottom right of the screen above the taskbar and they are Read Only, Print Layout and Web Layout. I am an 83-year-old technophobe so can someone explain in easy to understand language how to get back into Edit Mode. I am a writer and need to work on my documents. Thanks in anticipation

  wiganken2 08:17 07 Apr 2018

It seems that your computer "thinks" your documents are no longer yours and stops you from editing them by making them Read only. There is a technical way to "take ownership" bit I feel you are not up to this so two more simple things to try: - First, go to your "Documents" folder (where I assume your documents are sitting) then Right click on the folder and then left click on "Properties". In the displayed window remove the black dot in the "Read-only" option. This will make all files in "Documents" editable. If this doesn't work then try opening a document then "Save as" (not "save") and give the document the same name but add an extra character to the name so the filename is different ("test1" instead of "test"). This should make the document "yours" and editable. This second option is more long winded because you have to do it for every document. You can then delete your read-only copy and work on the editable copy.

  mohic 10:06 08 Apr 2018

Thank you wiganken for taking the time to reply. I have tried the first method but I discovered that, to my surprise, there is no dot in the Read Only option so I don't understand why this is. My Word documents are stored in OneDrive so can this be the culprit? I would have thought that Microsoft would have made their later versions simpler to use not more complicated. Upon Googling this problem I find that may more users are just as frustrated. I will try your second method later today and thanks again for your help

  wiganken2 11:00 08 Apr 2018

It could be OneDrive that is the culprit so try saving your document to your own hard drive (download it) then edit it there. Any changes will be saved to your hard drive copy though so, if you really want to continue storing your docs in the cloud (OneDrive), then you will have to re-save it into OneDrive overwriting the copy stored there. As an aside I prefer to keep everything stored on my own computer. I know quite a few people store stuff in the cloud but I am not convinced about cloud security. Any hackers out there are going to target this huge mine of information. I have security installed so why would they bother breaching this to get at my tiny bit of data on my computer when they can probably access cloud data by the tonne. I say "probably" because breaches have happened more than once already. Talk-Talk, Yahoo etc. Just a thought. It's your choice.

  mohic 15:59 08 Apr 2018

I guess you are right wiganken about storing on one's own PC instead of the cloud. I do back up my work on to an external hard drive but not since this weird business with the Read Only taking over. I will do as you advise and thank you for your help. Regards. M.P.

  difarn 17:31 08 Apr 2018

You say that you have Office 365 which is cloud based, and for which you are paying an annual subscription, and Word 16 - I assume you mean Office 16, which is a separate Office suite. If this is the case you could disable Office 365 and just use the independent Office 2016 which saves onto the hard drive on your PC.

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  mohic 18:10 08 Apr 2018

Wiganken. Just to let you know all sorted thanks to you. Frustration at an end. Thank you difarn but, as you can see, I am all back to normal now. Yes I do have Office 365 and pay an annual subscription for it. What would we technophobes do without Tech Advisor? !!!

  difarn 19:07 08 Apr 2018

Glad you are back to normal. If you do have Office 16 installed then do you really need to keep paying a subscription for Office 365?

  mohic 20:36 08 Apr 2018

I upgraded to Office 365 from Office 2007 Home and Student and Office 16 came with 365 for five computers. As I have three computers plus smart phone and tablet I decided on 365. Apart from the glitch of this weekend, it has worked OK. Regards, M L

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