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Windows 10 may need defragging but how?

  Conny 19:38 24 Oct 2016

I have windows 10 as my OS but lately have been trouble being able to find sites. It quite often comes up with an error message saying it couldn't connect to XXXXXXX. Windows 10 uses Edge as its browser and I'm not sure if this may be contributing to the problem as things don't improve when I hard wire to the router. I use Norton 360 as my anti virus.Can anyone tell me if defragging might cure the problem, and if so,recommend a good free defrag programme please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:34 24 Oct 2016
  1. Never Defrag a SSD

  2. Defragging just rearranges the position of files on your hard drive to speed up file access, it will have absolutely no effect on you ability to connect to web sites.

  3. if you hard wire and still have wireless enabled it will still use the wireless even if cable is connected. d connect cable and disable wireless and retry.

Try resetting the router by powering off the router or using the reset button on the router.

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