Windows 10 is going the way as its predecessors

  wee eddie 18:13 12 Mar 2019

I had hoped to write "Windows 10 is going the same way as its predecessors" but that was too long for the Title Window.

I don't think I'm wrong on this one, so here goes.

Each additional Biannual Update makes Start-up slower. In a couple of years I shall be timing my boiled egg with it, in 5 years, it'll be a hard boiled one! Once it was swift, that is no longer the case

  Al94 20:04 17 Mar 2019

Maybe you need to do some serious housekeeping? My 2 year old laptop with an SSD running W10 takes 25 seconds from switch on to being fully up and running.

  wee eddie 20:44 17 Mar 2019

Al: You may not have noticed but, I did not say that Start-up was slow. I said that, with each of the bi-annual Updates, Windows 10 was becoming slower.

  qwbos 23:46 17 Mar 2019

From what I've experienced on my two desktops, a clean reinstallation's the only way to keep it sweet.

  wee eddie 00:10 18 Mar 2019

It interests me that the way MS keeps the loading time down is by delaying the installation of assorted bits of itself

  qwbos 00:27 18 Mar 2019

I've never understood the fixation some seem to have with loading time. How many people need to have their PC/laptop/whatever up and available in 15 seconds, yet I see posts on other forums as if it's some sort of holy grail to have the thing running almost before you hit the start button.

Maybe Microsoft's pandering to these twits.

  wee eddie 09:19 18 Mar 2019

Qwbos: I agree with you

  Al94 10:42 18 Mar 2019

You may not have noticed but, I did not say that Start-up was slow. I said that, with each of the bi-annual Updates, Windows 10 was becoming slower.

What you said was

Each additional Biannual Update makes Start-up slower

  HondaMan 10:43 18 Mar 2019

Interesting. My version, running on a 4GHz iMac with 24GB memory via Parallels Desktop 14 takes 45 seconds to load the desktop, but I tend to agree that the apps running under W10 are running more slowly than before which is why I switched to macs about 4 years back. Unfortunately, I still need Windows for a couple of apps, otherwise it would be completely off my machine.

  wee eddie 11:05 18 Mar 2019

Al: That's a tad pedantic! Especially as the meaning is almost the same

  Al94 11:41 18 Mar 2019

I suppose it depends on your hardware to an extent. Presume you've run CCleaner or similar? All my windows apps open virtually instantaneously and I have seen no deterioration at all.

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