Windows 10 Explorer keeps stopping for reason

  tallboy 23:13 08 Jan 2018

My wife has a new 64-bit Windows 10 Dell Inspiron which I have updated to the latest Creator's Update (since it didn't come with it installed) and later updates until 07/01/18. Most of the time it works OK, but then, for no apparent reason Windows Explorer stops working; sometime when you are opening a new folder, sometimes when you click on a screen icon to start a new program. The result is that all the icons become inactive and (eventually) the screen goes totally black (apart from the white mouse pointer) or it goes totally white under faded screen icons.

Selecting Control-Alt-Del (to start the Task Manager) does nothing and the only way to get out of the problem is with a hard reset of the Computer ON/OFF button. On restart the PC (naturally) says it didn't shut down correctly and gives you a choice of re-starting it or going to the recovery mode. If you select restart, it always starts up OK. Does anyone know what's likely to cause this annoying problem and (more importantly) how to fix it? Thanks, tallboy.

  wee eddie 00:08 09 Jan 2018

If it is, as you say, new. Get in touch with whoever you bought it from

  tallboy 21:29 10 Jan 2018

Thanks for the suggestion wee eddie. I was hoping that by posting the problem on the PC Advisor Forum someone who reads it (possibly the website moderator) would have come across the problem before - and have a working solution.

I have contacted Dell Support previously (for a different problem); their support process is quite 'convoluted'. I guess it has to be. On the other hand, responders to this Forum often have good working solutions that they suggest.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:05 11 Jan 2018

Tallboy, the Windows Event Viewer may have logged the crash and named the culprit that caused it:

The next time it happens make a note of the exact time. When the PC has restarted head over to Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application. Search for any errors that coincide precisely with the time you recorded. The "Source" is likely to be called "Application hang" or similar. If you find something then double click on it to view the full details. There's a handy Copy button there if you want to paste the info here.

Having said all that though, you may not find anything because the crashes appear to be catastrophic.

  tallboy 22:44 11 Jan 2018

Thanks for the suggestion Secret-Squirrel; I'll certainly do that. The fact that Windows Explorer locks up, certainly seems to be time-related. The PC will run quite happily for 50-60 minutes without Explorer locking up - none of the icons activate their respective programs and none of the folders can be opened when it does lock up. And yet, as soon as you start up again everything works OK, although the Microsoft error message says 'It doesn't look if Windows started properly' - choose Re-start or Recovery - rather than an error message saying that Windows crashed.

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