windows 10 dxdiag info wrong or correct ??

  romanadityasingh 07:13 06 Jun 2017

Well recently installed windows 10 but didn't installed any of the drivers and the thing that i can't understand is that in dxdiag » display tab ; it was showing graphic memory around 2990 MB and direct x feature level to 11. While in normal having the drivers of graphic card the graphic memory is around 1200 MB and directx feature level to 10.1. Is it any another graphic card also ?? Or it is something else ???

  q33ny 10:47 06 Jun 2017

You might have an on-board graphic card and then you dedicated card. That is why you need to install drivers. That piece of software will unlock the correct information about your hardware and the system will know how to handle it.

  romanadityasingh 12:01 06 Jun 2017

Thankx man Can it is also possible that my laptop may have secondary graphic card that's why wrong information is showing in dxdiag ??

  Forum Editor 14:04 06 Jun 2017

"Can it is also possible that my laptop may have secondary graphic card"

That's highly unlikely - what make and model is your laptop?

  q33ny 14:53 06 Jun 2017

You can have 2 graphic cards even on the laptop if your CPU has IGP.

  Forum Editor 15:06 06 Jun 2017


"You can have 2 graphic cards"

I know that, but I would have expected the OP to know it, too, given his/her apparent knowledge. It's why I asked about the make and model of the machine, so we will know more about it.

Normally there would be a software application on the machine where associations between different graphics cards and applications are created. Launching an application will switch to the appropriate graphics card.

  q33ny 17:54 06 Jun 2017

I was at work and didn't have much time to type. What I meant is to reinforce my first post. While the onboard graphic card can have more memory because is shared with the system, after you install the right drivers for the dedicated one you will see what specs that hardware has. :)

  romanadityasingh 19:39 09 Jun 2017


  romanadityasingh 19:40 09 Jun 2017

I checked it And i found that there is only single graphic card

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